UV Curable Adhesives

Potting compound being dispensed onto circuit board


Eccobond UV 9000 & 9030

UV curable adhesives are ideal for fast bonding glass and other clear substrates. 


  • Glass bonding for furniture, display cases and TV stands

  • Architectural bonding (glass balconies, staircases, etc.)

  • Plastic bonding (point of sale display items)

  • Shopfitting and sign bonding

  • Potting, encapsulation and coating

  • Shower doors, handles, bathroom cabinets and mirrors

  • Kitchen utensils

  • Disposable medical devices (e.g. needle bonding)

  • Artwork and sculptures

  • Windows, bevel bonding and stained glass

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an advantage of using a UV curing product?

The user can cure the product on demand, giving time for proper alignment of components before bonding.