Technical Textiles

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Highly conductive fabrics metallised with combinations of nickel, copper and silver to give a tactile, conformable EMI shielding solution. Available in rip-stop woven, non-woven and voile mesh. Twisted yarns and monofilament are metallised to give excellent performance for creating electrically conductive paths within technical textiles.

Woven Fabrics

These are available in both a basic plain weave (PW) which is strong and durable, and a rip stop weave (RS) that is reinforced to resist tearing.

ProductMetalsSurface Resistance (ohms)Average Shielding Effectiveness (30Mhz-10Ghz)
Bremen PWAg< 0.360db
Bremen RSAg< 0.360db
Bremen IRAg< 0.560db
KasselCu/Ag< 0.0380db
NankingNi/Ag< 0.360db
Nora PWNi/Cu/Ag< 0.0385db
Nora RSNi/Cu/Ag< 0.0385db
Nora LX PWNi/Cu< 0.0580db
Nora LX RSNi/Cu< 0.0580db
Nora DellNi/Cu/Ag< 0.00995db
Nora Dell CRNi/Cu/Ag< 0.00995db
Zell PWSn/Cu/Ag< 0.0280db
Zell RSSn/Cu/Ag< 0.0280db
Zell CR PWSn/Cu/Ag< 0.0280db
Zell RS CRSn/Cu/Ag< 0.0280db

Non-Woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are made from long fibers and bonded together. Metals used are Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni) and Tin (Sn) in various combinations. Additional available coatings provide solutions for corrosion protection, enhanced EMI shielding effectiveness, and/or environmental concerns.

ProductMetalsSurface Resistance (ohms)Average Shielding Effectiveness (30Mhz-10Ghz)
BaselAg< 0.645db
BernAg< 1.050db
BilbaoAg< 2.045db
BonnAg< 0.560db
Kiel +30Cu< 0.0280db
NiceNi/Cu/Ag< 0.0690db
Zeven +30Sn/Cu/Ag< 0.0590db

Medical Fabrics

Medical fabrics are offered in various weights and textures including knits and elastic knits with single (SD) or double direction (DS) stretch as well as some woven forms. These fabrics are usually silver plated with 99% silver (Ag). Medical fabrics are available with an anti-tarnish coating (+B). Silver is a natural antimicrobial treatment that limits the infections from bacteria for human and veterinarian purposes.

Medtex P70Ag knit w/elastic, 70g, DS
Medtex P70+BAg knit w/elastic, 70g, DS
Medtex P130Ag knit w/elastic, 130g, DS
Medtex P130+BAg knit w/elastic, 130g, DS
Medtex P180Ag knit w/elastic, 180g, SS
Medtex P180+BAg knit w/elastic, 180g, SS
TulleAg knit mesh

Technical Fabrics

Technical fabrics are conductive silver knitted fabrics with elastic that come in a single direction (SD) or double direction (DS) stretch. While these fabrics can be used in the same applications as medical fabrics, technical fabrics are generally used for applications that require a higher conductivity like smart wear. Applications include: sensors (vital signs, stimulation of nerves and muscles, etc.), EMI shielding and reflection.

ProductSurface Resistance (ohms)
Techniktex P130+B< 2
Techniktex P180+B< 2

Mesh Fabrics

Mesh fabrics are knitted mesh which are plated with silver (Ag), additional metals can be added for your custom application. Mesh fabric applications include but are not limited to: RF shielding for windows, medical garments, composite, antimicrobial purposes, resistance heating and automotive or aerospace applications where a light weight mesh is needed.

ProductSurface Resistance (ohms)Average Shielding Effectiveness (30Mhz-10Ghz)
2611< 1.035db
Baltimore< 1.060db
Mesh LX< 0.150db (10MHz – 3GHz)
Tulle< 1.035db

Smart Textiles

Surface Resistance (ohms)
Balingen< 0.6 Ω / m
Berlin RS< 0.3 Ω / m
Technik-Tex P130 +B< 2 Ω / m
Technik-Tex P180 +B< 2 Ω / m
Silitex< 5 Ω / m

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