Precision Metal Parts

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Photo-etched or stamped precision metal parts utilise thin-gauge materials. These are available off-the-shelf or custom designed for your exact needs. Intricately designed with micron accuracy, with minimal tooling to assist in prototyping and design concepts. 

Process Flexibility

Photo Etching

Orbel’s etching techniques allow them to produce the most intricate components while maintaining extremely tight tolerances. This process provides a fast and cost-effective way to produce a wide variety of precision metal parts. 

  • Offers a wide selection of materials 
  • Etching metal thickness from 0.0178mm to 0.813mm
  • Allows for quick design modifications 
  • Eliminates the cost of hard tooling 
  • Produces burr and stress-free high-quality precision parts 
  • In-house photo tooling provides quick turnaround on parts 

Custom Stamping

Capabilities range from short-run single hit to high-volume progressive die stamping. 

  • Materials ranging from 0.0508mm to 0.813mm thick 
  • Wide variety of material choices including beryllium copper, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, copper alloys, and others
  • A dedicated prototype department 
  • Short, medium and high volume production 
  • In-house operations include forming, heat treating, plating and assembly 


Orbel’s electroplating services are at the core of their production capabilities. From continuous and complete material coverage to intermittent and localised deposits, a wide range of manufacturing flexibility is employed to meet customer requirements. Standard finishes include Tin, Nickel Copper, Tin Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Silver, Ebinol and Passivation. 

  • Plating methods include rack, barrel and reel to reel
  • Reel-to-Reel plating of strip from 6.35mm to 660mm wide by 0.018mm to 1.02mm thick materials.
    Coil weights from 0.45kg to 2.25 tonnes.
  • Tight tolerance rack and barrel plating for the electronic industry
  • Custom masking and racking available when required 
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Dimensional Range

We have the ability to work with tight tolerances. If a requirement calls for tolerances outside of these standard tolerances, please contact us. Standard tolerances are:

Etched Blanks – Material thickness of 0.0254mm to 0.381mm: +/- 0.0762mm

Forming – Universal/Soft Tooling: +/- 0.254mm and +/- 3° per bend* & Secondary Tooling: +/- 0.127mm and +/- 2° per bend* (*Cumulative to each bend)  

Heat Treating

NADCAP Certified Heat Treatment Facility, specializing in beryllium copper heat treating, AMS-H-1799. Heating and soaking the components for a precise time at a precise temperature, followed by a controlled cooling cycle in an atmospheric chamber, brings out the maximum mechanical properties in relation to stress. This process will increase the tensile strength and stress relaxation characteristics of beryllium copper products. 

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