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  • Radar Absorbant Material
    X Radar Absorbent Materials

    Radar Absorbant Material

    We provide the latest and most innovative Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM) for a full range of both military and commercial grade applications.

    Our RAM products have been engineered and shaped to help you control and absorb RF radiation across VHF, UHF, microwave, and millimetre wave frequencies. These smart materials will give you exceptional performance in a huge range of applications, from camouflage netting to ground-penetration radar.

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    Thermal Management
    X Thermal Management

    Thermal Management

    We provide a full range of highly conductive and low thermal impedance materials for all types of military, aerospace and commercial applications.

    Select from a variety of thermally conductive products to form strong thermal bonds and replace air gaps using innovative materials with the lowest thermal impedance possible.

    Our extensive thermal product range includes:

    • Thermal gap fillers
    • Thermal attach tapes
    • Thermal compounds
    • Thermal gels
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    Encapsulants & Resins
    X Encapsulants & Resins

    Encapsulants & Resins

    HITEK supplies the range of Henkel Encapsulants. These materials include offerings in epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone. The properties of these Encapsulants vary widely in terms of their initial handling characteristics and final cured properties. The application dictates the nature of the final properties and the manufacture generally dictates the initial.

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    Board Level Shielding
    X Board Level Shielding

    Board Level Shielding

    We offer a range of Board Level Shielding Products from Tecan; their multitude of standard shielding cans based on a standard pitch system allows engineers to quickly solve RFI problems without costly tooling or long lead times. Alongside this cost-effective solution we offer prototyping materials such as Tecshield and Tecshield Plus to assist you in developing an optimal shielding solution whilst balancing factors such as space, weight and production restraints.

    Our range comprises of:

    • 4 sided cans; with spring fingered lids, surface mount fencing or plain folded lids.
    • 5 sided cans; formed and spot welded, formed for surface mounting or supplied flat for self-forming
    • Total enclosures with spring fingered lids
    • Can and Lid prototyping
    • Ventilated Can and Lid prototyping
    • Fence and Wall prototyping
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    Corrosion Prevention
    X Corrosion Prevention

    Corrosion Prevention

    We help to protect and maintain military, commercial and industrial components and vehicles of all sizes using patented corrosion control technology.

    Our corrosion control solutions are cost-effective and remove the need for dehumidified environments and out-of-use maintenance.

    Our extensive product range includes:

    • Dynamic descalers
    • Aircraft and vehicle protection
    • Electronics
    • Protective packaging
    • Corrosion removal
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  • EMC Sealing Gasket
    X EMC Sealing GAsket

    EMC Sealing Gasket

    For those who require separation of the internal and external environment, HITEK offer a great deal of materials to suit any application.

    Flat gasketing material is available with or without compression stops incorporated to withstand compressive loads. Low force compression gasket materials such as fabric over foam, silver –plated fibrous material or metal fingered (fingerstock) are also available.

    Form in place/dispensed gaskets provide accuracy and reliability for dust and moisture sealing. Alongside this cost-effective, fast turnaround solution we also provide a great number of extrusions to produce O-rings for maintaining safety in hazardous environments for electrical systems. Extrusion comes in a wide array of profiles such as ‘K’, ‘P’, ‘D’, Hollow, Rectangular and Reinforced.

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    Shielded Window

    Shielded Window

    HITEK offers a range of EMI shielding windows in a variety of materials. These materials include polyester, glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic.

    We consider numerous factors when aiding you select the optimal shielding window, such as light transmission requirements, mesh angle, mechanical robustness, grounding arrangement, optical clarity, shielding level, chemical resistance, temperature range, repair and viewing conditions; to make sure you receive the optimal shielded window. Our extensive product range includes:

    • Cho ITO Coated Conductive Windows
    • EMI Display Windows
    • Win Shield Elite (EMI Shielded Windows)
    • Win Shield G Windows
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    Connector Gasket
    X Connector Gasket

    Connector Gasket

    HITEK produce exceptional connector gaskets produced from almost any flat sheet EMI material such as; CHO-SEAL, metal mesh, orientated wires in silicone, etc.

    We also provide jam-nut, flat & square and sub ‘D’ connector gaskets which meet MIL-C-38999 specifications.

    Bespoke gaskets can be made using various CHO-SEAL products.

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  • EMI & RF Cable Screening
    X EMI & RF Cable Screening

    EMI & RF Cable Screening

    Conductive coated heatshrink extrusion to offer complete EMI & RF cable screening and environmental protection; there are versions available which are flexible, removable for repair and meet NASA outgassing requirements. Wire-mesh cable screening is also available to resolve low frequency interference.

    CHO-SHRINK, conductive heat shrinkable EMI cable shielding material, is available for commercial and military/aerospace systems. Apart from offering superb shielding and significant weight savings, when compared to traditional metal braid cable shielding, CHO-SHRINK also offers an environmental shield against contaminants such as dust and moisture.

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    EMC Ventilation Panel
    X EMC Ventillation Panel

    EMC Ventilation Panel

    HITEK encompass high degrees of EMI shielding alongside performance demands such as high airflow levels (Omni Cell™) and dust protection (VIP™) into our cost-effective solutions.

    Our extensive range of Vents includes:

    • Cho-Cell™ - plated honeycomb aluminium vents
    • SHIELD CELL® & OMNI CELL® Shielded Vent Panels
    • VIP™ - viscous impingement vents
    • Shieldscreen™ - three layer mesh dust vents
    • Stainless Steel Honeycomb Vent Panels
    • Steel & Brass Honeycomb Shielded Vents
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Covid-19 Update.

HITEK is open for business. Our staff are back in the office and the factory and are practicing social distancing. We have extensive stocks of Chomerics, Henkel, ARC and Permabond materials and production capacity to deliver manufactured parts to you quickly.

Protecting Your Electronics

Fast response to urgent operational requirements

HITEK Electronic Materials Limited is a global partner to the Electronics Industry with over 30 years Manufacturing & Distribution experience. Predominantly servicing the Military Aerospace & Defence sectors and qualified to MIL DTL 83528 QPL 9-2008, one of only two UK companies, HITEK is also accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100:2016 Rev D and recognised as an SC21 awardee.


    Copper Tape Handle Cover

    Shieldex® Copper Tape

    • Antiviral
    • Antibacterial 
    • 7 Times Higher Ion-Release Than Solid Copper 
    • Laboratory Tested

    Size 8cm x 10cm
    Sold as a pair

    10% to NHS charities
    Free Shipping (UK Only)

    Permabond® 737 B/Magic (20g)

    Permabond® 737 is a black, toughened cyanoacrylate with improved impact and peel strength for maximum flexibility. Its increased temperature resistance and dark colour make 737 suitable for a wide range of applications. It bonds rapidly to a variety of surfaces including aluminium, steel (both zinc-plated and uncoated), plastics and rubbers.

    Storage Temp+2/+7°

    Only to be shipped within the UK
    Free Shipping on UK orders over £40

    Copper Tape Flex

    Shieldex® Copper Tape Flex

    • Antiviral
    • Antibacterial 
    • 7 Times Higher Ion-Release Than Solid Copper 
    • Laboratory Tested
    • Ideal For Curved Surfaces

    20mm x 10mtrs Roll
    Priced per Roll

    10% to NHS charities
    Free Shipping (UK Only)

    Permabond® A131(50ml)

    Permabond® A131 is a low strength, WRAS approved anaerobic pipe sealant designed to seal threaded metal pipe connections carrying a wide variety of gases and liquids, including potable water. Suitable for use on both parallel and tapered threads, the delayed cure allows accurate alignment of components.

    Free Shipping on UK orders over £40

    Fabric Evaluation Kit

    Fabric Evaluation Kit contains 3 swatches of conductive fabric, two swatches of 152.4mm (6"x6") Zebra fabric and one swatch of 152.4mm (6"x6") Eeontex fabric. Ideal for prototype pressure sensor applications, this 3 layer evaluation kit allows users to create a flexible, conformable and stretchy fabric sensor.

    Free Shipping on UK orders over £40

    Nanoshield 265 x 200

    Silicone adhesive backed antiviral & antibacterial protective film for touchscreen applications.

    Size: 265mm x 200mm

    For non-standard sizes and bulk orders, please contact us at 

    Click here to find out more about Copper Nanotechnology.

    10% to NHS Charities
    Free Shipping (UK Only)

    Conductive Yarn - Shieldex Yarn 117-17

    This polyamide, 6.6. filament, 99% silver-plated yarn offers a resistance of < 300 Ω / m and is provided in 50m reels surrounding a bobbin.

    Please note this conductive yarn is not suitable for machine stitching - Hand stitching only.

    Free Shipping (UK Only)

    Manual Dispensing Gun

    Trigger pump dispensing gun designed for 1:1 and 2:1 50ml cartridges.

    Free Shipping on UK orders over £40

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