Shielded Windows

edge of a shielded vent

EMI shielding solutions for displays and windows. Shielded windows have a micro-mesh metallic layer laminated within composite or glass constructions allowing for minimal light reduction.


Typical Applications:

  • Military electronics
  • Tempest environments
  • Devices used in critical patient care environments
  • Hand-held mobile communications
  • Shielded cabinets and racks
  • Rugged LCDs
  • Instrument panels
  • Digital signage

Our custom designed windows provide EMI shielding while maximising your display’s performance by using specially engineered optical materials enabling viewing under the most challenging conditions. In addition to shielding, we can protect your displays from scratching, breakage, liquids and exposure to harsh environments.

Various advanced lamination processes are utilised, combining shielding materials with application driven specialty films to provide hard coated surfaces, anti-glare, anti-reflective surfaces and other product enhancements such as light control privacy film. Our lamination processes support embedded screen-printed graphics and protects them from scratching and wear. Highly transparent conductive films as well as specially designed fine wire meshes (either stainless steel or copper) are available.

Our products are terminated with a high-performance silver buss bar.

Buss bar materials include:

  • High-performance Cho-Bond 577 silver epoxy
  • Cho-Foil – metal adhesive tapes can also be utilised for the buss bar termination

Shielded windows can be provided with a wide variety of conductive gaskets for assembly into bezels and frames. Non-conductive gaskets and sealants can also be applied to windows to provide superior environmental protection. Windows can be kitted or integrated with frames into turnkey assembles.

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