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Capabilities – Customer Support

customer support 01 scaled

Facing challenges in finding a suitable solution?

HITEK’s dedicated technical department has the expertise and resources needed to assist you in discovering the perfect solution to #protectingyourelectronics. With our team of product experts available during our business hours, you can expect a prompt and efficient response to your enquiry.

At HITEK we have multiple ways you can get in touch with us: through our contact form, live chat, by emailing or calling our office.

Our wonderful staff are always on standby and ready to help no matter the enquiry so don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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Product Spotlight – Cho-Fab CFT

ps cho fab cft

Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses in on @ParkerChomerics product Cho-Fab CFT!

Cho-Fab CFT – Parker Chomerics CHO-FAB™ electrically conductive fabric tape is ideal for applications requiring lighter weight and a more flexible electrically conductive tape than metal foil tapes provide. CHO-FAB tape provides excellent EMI shielding and good corrosion resistance. In the case of shielded cables, CHO-FAB tape is very conformable, strong, lightweight, and doesn’t have sharp edges that are present on metal foil tapes. CHO-FAB tape provides an economical solution to applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity across substrates and offers a low-impedance connection between a braided cable shield and the metal connector back shell in molded cables.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of fabric tape constructed from a nickel-plated silver conductive material
  • Available with single-sided acrylic electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)
  • Lightweight and more flexible than metal foil tapes
  • Very conformable while maintaining strength
  • Excellent shielding and good corrosion resistance
  • Lacks sharp edges which are present on foil tapes

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Scunthorpe United AD Board

Scunthorpe United AD Board

We’re excited for another season of working with the Iron as a sponsor for their long-term project! Recently we have had a new HITEK sign put up at the front of the stadium which highlights our commitment to supporting and sponsoring our local club.

A huge thanks goes out to @A Signs Scunthorpe for putting the sign up and also a huge thank you to @Scunthorpe United for making this all possible. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you!

UTI #Partnership #protectingyourelectronics

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When the mission is critical, trust Orbel from start to finish. Let’s meet Ken Marino, from Orbel

Orbel QnA 01 scaled
Roger Dent
Roger Dent
ken 0 e1717416726882
Ken Marino

Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us today for this Q&A session with Ken Marino, President at Orbel and HITEK’s Operations Director, Roger Dent. Ken brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been with Orbel for a 41 of  years. Today, we’ll be learning more about Orbel’s history, capabilities and how they can help customers with mission-critical challenges. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Ken, it’s a pleasure to chat with you today. Orbel’s story is quite interesting. Perhaps you could share how the company came to be?

Sure Roger, Orbel was founded in 1961, where we initially started as a reel-to-reel electroplating company to help support and service the ever-growing electronics industry. Orbel are now a major supplier for electronic companies seeking high performance and precision engineered components. We’re proud that Orbel has combined expertise in technology, advanced manufacturing skills and quality control housed in a modern 57,000 sq. ft to facility in Easton Pennsylvania.

Which markets do Orbel serve Ken?

While Orbel serves the broader industrial and general electronics markets, our true passion lies in precision light-gauge metal components. We specialise in meeting the demanding needs of the Hi-Reliability, Military/Aerospace, and Automotive industries. Our goal is to empower our customers with the confidence to conquer any mission-critical challenge.

What about Orbel’s capabilities; what can HITEK’s customers draw upon?

The first question Orbel always asks when approaching a project is, “How can we take a vision and turn it into a repeatable, manufacturable reality? 

AS9100 design-certified, Orbel is a light-gauge, tight-tolerance specialist backed by an engineering team with a long history of excellence. We keep design manufacturing and design engineering under one roof, from print development to full production. At Orbel, we take pride in our robust design and quality control processes for all our services, including heat treating, forming, plating, stamping, and etching. This ensures that HITEK’s customers receive precision-engineered components that consistently meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, crucial for success in demanding applications.

Where can our customers find out more about precision metal components Ken?

HITEK Electronic Materials is the perfect partner to connect you with Orbel’s expertise. But there’s more! Visit Orbel’s website at to explore the depths of our experience and commitment to cutting-edge technologies. See why engineers around the world trust Orbel to deliver mission-critical components. Watch, like and subscribe Orbel’s Corporate Video.  Follow our Company Page on LinkedIn to find out real time Company news.

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Capabilities – Down Packing/Decant

Decant 02 scaled

Something for us to be proud of at HITEK is having access to such a variety of capabilities such as Down Packing/Decanting that help us with effective product managing!

Down packing or decanting is the process of taking a larger quantity of substance and transferring it into smaller equally sized containers. For example, let’s consider a 3kg tin of Catalyst 15 clear delivered from Henkel to our site. Subsequently, our specially trained decanting staff carefully distributes the 3kg of resin into smaller tins, like our Catalyst 15 clear 500g tin featured on our website.

Why do we offer this Service? :

Reduces waste – we take our premium Henkel adhesives and encapsulants and resize them to more practical and efficient sizes so that less product is wasted.

Environmentally friendly – reduced waste translates to less pollution, contributing to a healthier environment.

Cost reduction – you pay for what you actually need.

Improve Safety – working with smaller quantities reduces the likelihood of a hazardous substance or adhesive causing issues.

If this service is something that catches your interest please visit our page here and enquire about what you require!

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New Product – Permabond UV643

New Permabond products 1

Today we have a new product hitting our store from @Permabonds new range – Permabond UV643!

Permabond UV643 is a fast curing UV-curable acrylic adhesive designed for the rapid bonding off rigid plastics. This thixotropic adhesive cures tack-free and performs excellently on multiple different thermoplastics. Under hot or wet conditions, it provides high durability (tested at +85°C/85% RH), allowing for it to withstand many different situations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent strength on PC, PVC, and other rigid plastics
  • Tack-free surface cure
  • Very quick cure at wavelengths from 365 to 420 nm, good on stabilized plastics
  • Exceptional resistance to warm and humid conditions
  • Excellent resistance to thermal cycles on plastic assemblies
  • Resists yellowing

#Permabond #NewProduct #protectingyourelectronics

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Technical Tip – Shelf Life, Pot Life Working Life and Gel Time

tech tips life scaled

Technical Tip – Shelf Life, Pot Life and Working Life

Technical data sheet terminology can be confusing at times. We at HITEK have asked several people what they believe Shelf Life, Pot Life, Working Life and Gel Time mean, and we received mixed answers. For that reason, our Technical Manager @DavidMcAllister has put together a great technical tip document highlighting many key points that should help with any queries that you may have about these topics.

To further enquire about this or any other technical service please visit our technical advice page here: Technical Advice – HITEK Electronic Materials LTD (

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Best Seller – Permabond ET515 (50ml)

Best Seller May

Now that May has come to an end its time to announce the #BestSeller for the month. The top spot goes to @Permabonds product Permabond ET515 (50ml)!

Permabond ET515 (50Ml) is a 1:1 mixable epoxy adhesive. ET515 is a semi-flexible toughened adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of substrates such as wood, metal, ceramics and some plastics and composites. It’s a relatively fast curing epoxy; reaching handling strength in 20-30 minutes. It is ideal for bonding different materials where differential thermal expansion is anticipated.

Please note that 50ml cartridges require a manual dispensing gun (sold separately).

Features and Benefits:

  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Full cure at room temperature
  • Easy to apply
  • Semi-flexible
  • Good impact strength

#Permabond #May #protectingyourelectronics

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Product Spotlight – Ablestik 56C

ps ablestik 56c

Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses in on @Henkels product Ablestik 56c!

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 56C is a low-temperature cure, high bond-strength adhesive which is perfect and suitable for the purpose of making electrical connections where hot soldering is impractical. You can also use this product for conductive plastics when you can’t subject them to high temperatures.

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 56C can be used with a variety of catalysts e.g. Catalyst 9. Its typical operating temperature is -60°C to 120°C (-76°F to 248°F)

Features and Benefits:

  • Electrically conductive
  • Low temperature cure
  • High bond strength
  • Low electrical resistance
  • No-flow characteristics
  • Two component
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • Passes NASA outgassing

#Henkel #ChannelPartners #protectingyourelectronics

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Brand Spotlight – Cortec

Brand spotlight cortec

Cortec have outstanding materials that protect systems, parts and equipment from corrosion. Providing superior corrosion protection in adverse conditions and the ability of use on multiple metals.

Cortec also provide a wide range of applications. These applications include but are not limited to:

  • Machined parts protection
  • Shipping protection
  • Short to long-term protection of assets during lay-up/maintenance periods
  • Long-term storage without the need for controlled humidity environments
  • Reduced corrosion rates for equipment in use in high corrosion environment

To view Cortecs full range of offers please check out their brand page here!

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