Foam & Honeycomb Absorbers

Multilayer Foam Absorber

This range of absorbers is designed for suppression of interference and side-lobes, isolation of adjacent antennae, camouflaging, lining walls, surfaces and chambers to reduce reflectivity.


Dielectric Foam

Lightweight and flexible, broadband foam absorbers are highly effective at absorbing RF and microwave energy. Single-layer LS foam can be tailored for low or high insertion loss. Multilayer foam absorbers offer at least -17dB reflection loss from 500MHz to 40GHz, depending upon thickness. Reticulated foam can be frequency specific. Dielectric foam absorbers are available as sheets or cut pieces, with optional PSA for easy attachment.

Applications include:

  • Antenna applications
  • EMC test chambers
  • Telecom equipment
  • Microwave transceivers
  • Airport systems


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