Call-off Orders

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Dealing with large quantities at once can be challenging for some. Recognising that one size does not fit all, especially for goods like adhesives that may not be entirely utilised at once, we offer Call-off orders. This allows you to receive smaller, staggered deliveries. This service is available to all our direct account customers, providing you with the flexibility to mitigate the impact of price increases and lead time issues.

Why we offer this

We recognise the challenges of obtaining what you need precisely when required, especially when ordering larger quantities may lead to product expiration before it’s fully utilised. To address these concerns, we offer a system that ensures you always have a product with suitable shelf life when needed.

For HITEK account holders (excluding online accounts), you can learn more about this service by completing the form below. If eligible, one of our Supply Chain specialists will reach out to discuss the possibility of providing you with a call-off order.

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