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Brand Spotlight – Cortec

Brand spotlight cortec

Cortec have outstanding materials that protect systems, parts and equipment from corrosion. Providing superior corrosion protection in adverse conditions and the ability of use on multiple metals.

Cortec also provide a wide range of applications. These applications include but are not limited to:

  • Machined parts protection
  • Shipping protection
  • Short to long-term protection of assets during lay-up/maintenance periods
  • Long-term storage without the need for controlled humidity environments
  • Reduced corrosion rates for equipment in use in high corrosion environment

To view Cortecs full range of offers please check out their brand page here!

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Brand Spotlight – HITEK

Brand spot.00 00 05 24.Still003

In need of a product to help you with #protectingyourelectronics? Then simply look no further than HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd!

We can offer you product ranges like Thermal Management, EMI Shielding, Adhesives and encapsulants, Antiviral Materials and also HSL Descaler all from big name suppliers like Henkel, Permabond, Parker Chomerics, Shieldex, HSL solutions, ARC Technologies, ORBEL, Cortec, ABS Technics and Tecan.

As an added bonus we can also offer top quality machine usage for customer requested products such as gaskets and O-rings. This type of machinery analyses the requested plan carefully and then accurately cuts and/or molds everything into place thoroughly.

Our lovely staff are always ready to answer the phone in order answer any questions or queries you may have about anything we have to offer so please feel free to reach out to us!

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Permabond week starts now!

Cover pb week scaled

Its officially @Permabond week! For the rest of the week all posts will be centred around one of our many key suppliers. Permabond are an important supplier to us especially due to the high demand that we receive from customers for their products which get purchased through our website.

Check out the dedicated page for the week –

#Permabond #Suppliers #protectingyourelectronics

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Brand Spotlight – Parker Chomerics

The spotlight is on! This month we put one of our key partners for all things EMI Shielding Parker Chomerics.

One of our most longstanding relationships, formed back in 1995. Parker Chomerics’ wide range of products covers EMI Shielding solutions and Thermal Management.

Check out some of their ranges of products below!

Cant find what you want here?

Then head on over to the Chomerics Brand page where any and all products related to Chomerics are present:

Image of Parker Chomerics logo - Proud/Key suppliers for HITEK
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Brand Spotlight – HSL

Brand spot HSL

HITEK-nology Solutions (HSL) is the sister company of HITEK, set up in 2006 to support the provision of Anti-Corrosion solutions to different places across the UK.

HSL provide a wide and quality range of services to customers. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of equipment to prevent equipment failure
  • Long term lay-up of stored equipment
  • Protection of mission critical equipment
  • Environmentally friendly descaling
  • Corrosion removal
  • Application of anti-corrosion coatings to create a barrier between the metal surface and the outside environment

To see the full range of HSL services as well as their top selling products, visit their Brand page here.