Permabond TA459 (50Ml)

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  • Adhesion to a wide variety of materials
  • Cures quickly at room temperature
  • Bonds well to metals and ferrites
  • Non-acidic and non-corrosive
  • No mixing required
  • Strong resistance to shearing forces
  • Can withstand impacts
  • Resistant to many chemicals
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Permabond TA459 (50Ml) is a structural acrylic adhesive designed primarily for bonding metals, ferrites, ceramics and some thermoplastics. This product was specifically designed to be non-corrosive to sensitive copper parts or other electrically conductive surfaces. The fast curing rate and rapid strength development of this material allows for increased production rate. Use TA459 with Initiator 41 (or Initiator 43 for use on plastics).


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