Permabond Cleaner A (400Ml)

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  • General purpose industrial cleaner
  • Removes grease and dirt
  • Prepares surfaces for bonding with Permabond adhesives
  • Available as an aerosol spray for ease of application
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ensures that components are clean,even in difficult-to-access areas
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Permabond Cleaner A (400Ml) is a general purpose industrial cleaner for cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to bonding with any Permabond adhesive. Where surfaces are greasy or dirty, wiping with Cleaner A will help produce a suitable surface for bonding. Cleaner A is available as an aerosol spray for ease of application and has been developed to be simple and easy to use, helping to ensure that components are clean, even when the bond area is difficult to access.


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