fabricated parts

HITEK is not just a distributor for some of the largest suppliers in the world. We offer specialised products fabricated within our production facility. Our products aim to provide you with the highest quality EMI Shielding performance while also fitting your design needs. With specialised machines and staff expertise in all our fabricating services.

Die-Cut and splicing services

Among our primary fabrication services, HITEK provides spliced O-rings. Featuring a swift turnaround, these O-rings are crafted without incurring tooling costs, with lower minimum order quantities (MOQs). Additionally, the MIL SPEC properties of the material seamlessly transfer to the spliced gasket produced by HITEK.

HITEK offer High quality conductive elastomers from Chomerics’ Cho-Seal range to make our specialised gaskets. The table below showcases the different types of conductive elastomers and their properties to allow you to decide which to use.

ProductSiliconeFluorosiliconeGraphiteAluminiumNickelCopperSilver-Plated Glass BeadsSilver
Cho-Seal S6305
Cho-Seal 6370
Cho-Seal 1285
Cho-Seal 1273
Cho-Seal 1287
Cho-Seal 1298
Cho-Seal 1350
Cho-Seal L6303

We offer this service across a wide range of conductive elastomers as the ability to die-cut sheets down to your specific drawings. To learn more about conductive elastomers and their properties, please read the Parker Chomerics Conductive Elastomers Engineering Handbook.

XY Cutting

Introducing one of our newer capabilities: the provision of clean and precisely cut flat gaskets. This cost-effective and efficient solution enhances HITEK’s outstanding quality by employing a multiheaded cutter, ensuring superb accuracy across a variety of materials.

24 hour turnaround

24 hour Gasket Turn-Around

With our stocked materials, we have a special capability to offer a 24-hour turnaround, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality gaskets to meet your satisfaction.

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