UKGSA Plaque

UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) Membership

At HITEK we are a proud member of the @UKGSA and demonstrate this by showcasing their plaque in clear view within our reception area! The UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) serves as a trade organisation dedicated to advocating for the unique needs and concerns of UK companies involved in the conversion of materials into gaskets and seals for all types of industries.

Being a member of this great organisations also means you get rewarding benefits. These are:

  • Decision makers and influencers
  • Procurement support
  • Industrial and manufacturing tours
  • Support with material selection, product design and development
  • Trade magazine representation
  • Marketing support
  • Fundraising activities

Please visit here to become a member today! : Join Today – UK Gasket & Sealing Association (

Also check out more on our accreditation page: UK Gasket & Sealing Association – HITEK Electronic Materials LTD (

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