New Permabond products

More new products have hit our store this past week, this time from Permabond!

Permabond TA4610 – 400ml version

Permabond TA4610 is a 2-part, 1:1 toughened acrylic adhesive. It has been developed to bond low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene, with no primer or surface treatment required. It can also be used to bond a wide variety of other materials such as metals and composite materials and is ideal for bonding dissimilar surfaces. Permabond TA4610 is easy to apply and has a fast cure at room temperature.

Permabond 712

Permabond 712 is a solvent free, low viscosity cyanoacrylate that offers amazing water resistance and excellent thermal resistance that allows usage up to 120℃. This allows for high adhesion performance on a variety of materials such as metals, plastics and even rubbers.

These two Permabond products join our massive range of products. Head to our shop to see our full range of products –