Product Spotlight – Bergquist Gap Pad TGP 2400

Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses on BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP 2400

BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP 2400 is a thermally conductive, reinforced material rated at a thermal conductivity of 2.4 W/m-K. The material is a filled-polymer material yielding extremely soft, elastic characteristics. The material is reinforced to provide easy handling, converting, added electrical isolation and tear resistance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Thermal Conductivity: 2.4 W/m-K
  • Low “S-Class” thermal resistance at ultra-low pressures
  • Ultra conformable, “gel-like” modulus
  • Designed for low-stress applications
  • Fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance

Typical Applications:

  • Between processors and heat sinks
  • Between graphics chips and heat sinks
  • DVD and CDROM electronics cooling
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis or other type of heat spreader
Bergquist Gap Pad TGP 2400 image

GAP PAD® TGP 2400 is well suited for low pressure applications that typically use fixed standoff or clip mounting. GAP PAD® TGP 2400 maintains a conformable yet elastic nature that allows for excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics, even to surfaces with high roughness and/or topography.

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