Down Packing

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Decanting or down-packing adhesives is a key aspect of our services at HITEK. Our specially trained staff handle larger amounts of adhesives and encapsulants, sourced from Henkel. This exclusive service positions us as the sole company in the United Kingdom capable of providing specialised sizes of Henkel adhesives and encapsulants.

What is Down Packing?

Down packing or our decanting service is the process of taking a larger quantity of substance and transferring it into smaller equally sized containers.

As an illustration, let’s consider a 3kg tin of Catalyst 15 clear delivered from Henkel to our site. Subsequently, our specially trained decanting staff carefully distributes the 3kg of resin into smaller tins, like our Catalyst 15 clear 500g tin featured on our website. To ensure precision during the extraction process from the larger container, two measuring devices are employed. Given that the product is received in various formats, specialised techniques have been developed to achieve optimal extraction.

Why Do We Offer This Service?

Offering this service comes with a range of advantages, from economic to environmental considerations. Review the list below to determine if this service aligns with your specific requirements.

  • Reduces waste – we take our premium Henkel adhesives and encapsulants and resize them to more practical and efficient sizes so that less product is wasted.
  • Environmentally friendly – connected to the previous point, reduced waste translates to less pollution, contributing to a healthier environment. This is an aspect that HITEK actively seeks to enhance and has demonstrated through our ongoing efforts.
  • Cost reduction – you pay for what you actually need. Why spend extra money on excess when you can obtain what you require at a more affordable price?
  • Improve Safety – working with smaller quantities reduces the likelihood of a hazardous substance or adhesive causing issues.
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In summary, HITEK’s decanting and down packing services can offer a number of benefits to businesses that use adhesives. These services can help to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and improve safety. HITEK has specially trained staff who are able to decant and down pack adhesives safely and efficiently, and they have access to a wide range of adhesives and encapsulants in large quantities. If you are a business that uses adhesives, HITEK’s decanting and down packing services can offer you a number of advantages.

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