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New Product – Permabond UV643

Today we have a new product hitting our store from @Permabonds new range – Permabond UV643!

Permabond UV643 is a fast curing UV-curable acrylic adhesive designed for the rapid bonding off rigid plastics. This thixotropic adhesive cures tack-free and performs excellently on multiple different thermoplastics. Under hot or wet conditions, it provides high durability (tested at +85°C/85% RH), allowing for it to withstand many different situations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent strength on PC, PVC, and other rigid plastics
  • Tack-free surface cure
  • Very quick cure at wavelengths from 365 to 420 nm, good on stabilized plastics
  • Exceptional resistance to warm and humid conditions
  • Excellent resistance to thermal cycles on plastic assemblies
  • Resists yellowing

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