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Capabilities – Down Packing/Decant

Something for us to be proud of at HITEK is having access to such a variety of capabilities such as Down Packing/Decanting that help us with effective product managing!

Down packing or decanting is the process of taking a larger quantity of substance and transferring it into smaller equally sized containers. For example, let’s consider a 3kg tin of Catalyst 15 clear delivered from Henkel to our site. Subsequently, our specially trained decanting staff carefully distributes the 3kg of resin into smaller tins, like our Catalyst 15 clear 500g tin featured on our website.

Why do we offer this Service? :

Reduces waste – we take our premium Henkel adhesives and encapsulants and resize them to more practical and efficient sizes so that less product is wasted.

Environmentally friendly – reduced waste translates to less pollution, contributing to a healthier environment.

Cost reduction – you pay for what you actually need.

Improve Safety – working with smaller quantities reduces the likelihood of a hazardous substance or adhesive causing issues.

If this service is something that catches your interest please visit our page here and enquire about what you require!

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