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Product Spotlight – Ablestik 56C

Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses in on @Henkels product Ablestik 56c!

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 56C is a low-temperature cure, high bond-strength adhesive which is perfect and suitable for the purpose of making electrical connections where hot soldering is impractical. You can also use this product for conductive plastics when you can’t subject them to high temperatures.

LOCTITE® ABLESTIK 56C can be used with a variety of catalysts e.g. Catalyst 9. Its typical operating temperature is -60°C to 120°C (-76°F to 248°F)

Features and Benefits:

  • Electrically conductive
  • Low temperature cure
  • High bond strength
  • Low electrical resistance
  • No-flow characteristics
  • Two component
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • Passes NASA outgassing

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