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  • Environmental Update

    Environmental Update

    HITEK are always looking to raise the standard and quality of our workplace and environment which is why being green and environmentally friendly is so important to us! A key method that we aim to do more of to increase this standard is to gain better control over the use of these five things: HITEK…

  • New products now available online

    New products now available online

    This week we are proud to share that a whopping 28+ products are hitting our online store from our range of Henkel adhesives. Ranging from Epoxy encapsulants, through to Catalysts and additives., we strongly recommend checking out the full set down below. Check out the full range here.

  • Alfa Romeo Championship Awards

    Alfa Romeo Championship Awards

    The Alfa Romeo Championship hosted their Annual Awards Ceremony over last weekend, where class and Overall champions were crowned for the 2023 season. As Lead sponsors HITEK Electronic Materials would like to extend a congratulations to all the award winners Take a look at some of the photos from this special night. Full selection of…

  • Southern Manufacturing – 1 Day Away!

    Southern Manufacturing – 1 Day Away!

    Only one more day to go until we kickstart our exhibition calendar by exhibiting at @Southern Manufacturing! Stand H175 is where you will be able to locate our @Cameron Finch, @Roger Dent and @Mo Khan where they will be able to discuss all things #protectingyourelectronics with you. If you haven’t already registered its not too…

  • January Best Seller

    January Best Seller

    It is the beginning of a new month which means its time to reveal Januarys Best Seller. And for the first month of 2024 @Permabond takes the top spot with their ET500 (25ml) product. Permabond ET500 is a two-part epoxy adhesive that sets quickly and bonds to a wide range of materials, including wood, metal,…

  • Southern Manufacturing – 1 Week Away!

    Southern Manufacturing – 1 Week Away!

    In a weeks time HITEK return to @SouthernManufacturing as our first exhibition of the year! Our @Cameron Finch, @Roger Dent and @Mo Khan will be on stand H175 to discuss all things #protectingyourelectronics Make sure to register if you haven’t already: Register to Visit for Free – Southern Manufacturing and Electronics ( #Exhibiton #SouthernManufacturing #1week

  • Southern Manufacturing – 2 Weeks Away!

    Southern Manufacturing – 2 Weeks Away!

    We are now officially only two weeks away from exhibiting at @SouthernManufacturing in the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre! Be sure to join us on the 6th-8th Feb at stand H175 where you can openly chat with our @Cameron Finch, @Roger Dent and @Mo Khan about all things relating to #protectingyourelectronics. We look forward to seeing…

  • Brand Spotlight – HSL

    Brand Spotlight – HSL

    HITEK-nology Solutions (HSL) is the sister company of HITEK, set up in 2006 to support the provision of Anti-Corrosion solutions to different places across the UK. HSL provide a wide and quality range of services to customers. These services include but are not limited to: To see the full range of HSL services as well…

  • Product Spotlight – O-ring process

    Product Spotlight – O-ring process

    Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses in on a HITEK speciality in O-rings! Among our primary fabrication services, HITEK provides spliced O-rings. Featuring a swift turnaround, these O-rings are crafted without incurring tooling costs, with lower minimum order quantities (MOQs). Additionally, the MIL SPEC properties of the material seamlessly transfer to the spliced gasket produced by HITEK. Also…

  • New Product – Permabond TA4208

    New Product – Permabond TA4208

    Today we have a new @Permabond product hitting our online store: Permabond TA4208 (Black)! Permabond TA4208 is a 2-part, 1:1 toughened acrylic adhesive. It can be used to bond a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, wood and other substrates. The adhesive can provide excellent shear strength on many substrates with little…

  • Blue Monday – Charity Day

    Blue Monday – Charity Day

    Feeling a little down after the festive break? We all know Blue Monday can hit hard, but at HITEK, we’re taking a stand against the Monday blues! HITEK have beaten the blues by putting on another classic charity day. With a blue themed dress down and phenomenal cakes baked, a buzzing happy atmosphere can be…

  • Southern Manufacturing – 1 month away!

    Southern Manufacturing – 1 month away!

    We are delighted to announce that we are a month away from exhibiting at @SouthernManufacturing in the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre! Join our @CameronFinch, Roger Dent and @Mo Khan (MSc) on stand H175 to discuss all things #protectingyourelectronics. If you haven’t already make sure to register here: Register to Visit for Free – Southern Manufacturing…

  • Health In The Workplace

    Health In The Workplace

    Health in the workplace is extremely important to us at HITEK and is something that we take very seriously. With pride, we have achieved a gold award for health in the workplace! This award stems from HITEK working and collaborating closely with the North Lincolnshire Council over the last 12 years which has helped enhance…

  • Product Spotlight – TechnoMelt PA 657 Black

    Product Spotlight – TechnoMelt PA 657 Black

    Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses in on Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PA 657 BLACK. TECHNOMELT® PA 657 Black is a high performance thermoplastic polyamide is designed to meet low pressure moulding process requirements. This product can be processed at low processing pressure due to its low viscosity, allowing encapsulation of fragile components without damage. This material produces no toxic…

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    HITEK would like to extend their belated Happy New Year wishes to you all! We hope everyone managed to spend time with family and friends over this holiday. As a quick reminder we have started processing and shipping orders again so please don’t hesitate to look for a necessary #protectingyourelectronics product on our website. Here’s…

  • December Best Seller

    December Best Seller

    As the new year is now officially here it is time to announce our December #BestSeller. For the last month of 2023 Permabond takes the top spot this time with their 105 (20g) product Permabond 105 is a low viscosity high purity cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is ideal for use on hard-to-bond plastics and rubbers such…

  • Alfa Racing Sponsorship

    Alfa Racing Sponsorship

    HITEK are pleased to announce that we will be the headline sponsor for a 4th fantastic Alfa Romeo Championship season with @Alfa Romeo Championship Association as they head into their 43rd consecutive racing year! We are eager and excited to see what the 2024 season has to offer. For more information about the 2024 championship…

  • Product Spotlight – Bergquist Gap Pad TGP 2400

    Todays #ProductSpotlight focuses on BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP 2400 BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP 2400 is a thermally conductive, reinforced material rated at a thermal conductivity of 2.4 W/m-K. The material is a filled-polymer material yielding extremely soft, elastic characteristics. The material is reinforced to provide easy handling, converting, added electrical isolation and tear resistance. Features…

  • Twelfth day of Chomerics

    Twelfth day of Chomerics

    On the twelfth day of Chomerics, My true love gave to me… Twelve Cho-Foil (CCJ) tapes taping! This product is an aluminium foil with conductive adhesive in 16 metre roll. Available in 12.7mm and 25.4mm wide. Cho-Foil CCJ is also available with single-sided acrylic electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The product is also known…

  • Eleventh day of Chomerics

    Eleventh day of Chomerics

    On the eleventh day of Chomerics, My true love gave to me… Eleven Cho-Therm 61-15-0808-1671 (no PSA) sheets shipping! This product is a 203mm x 203mm sheet without PSA. It has excellent thermal properties and also excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance. Another key property of this product is that it has high dielectric strength.