Shielded Enclosures

It’s safe to assert that the mobile phone is among the most widely used tools in modern history. While it excels in facilitating communication from virtually anywhere and at any time, the downside emerges with newer technologies enabling unauthorised access to wipe a phone’s data. This poses challenges, particularly for those in law enforcement who aim to preserve crucial evidence. The significance of shielded enclosures becomes apparent, as their design effectively prevents electromagnetic interference from occurring.

What are they used for?

Portable Shielded Enclosures designed for applications that require an interference free environment for design verification, performance testing, pre-compliance tests, production line measurements and quality assurance tests. 

  • Prototype testing
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Secure communications chamber
  • Large equipment and vehicle testing
  • Isolate sensitive and susceptible medical equipment
  • On-site testing

Are there any standard sizes?

Yes! We typically offer a standard sized 8000T Series Benchtop tent which is 1.22×0.61×0.61meters in size. These tents are available to be sent out on loan for given periods of time so that you are able to fulfil your applicational needs.

Please note we only offer standard sized benchtop enclosures, if you would like a larger enclosure please enquire below where we will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

IGOS Enclosures

An IGOS shielded enclosure being used to examine a phone.

Introducing the IG-460B Shielded enclosure. This portable chamber is designed for preventing EMI and RFI from interfering with the devices in the enclosure.

With a Camera inside the box simply plug in a display unit on the side of the box. and with the shielded gloves on the front of the box you can effortlessly interrogate a handheld device without the need to expose it to possible threats of data deletion.

Outer Dimensions56cm x 35cm x 33cm 
Inner Dimensions47cm x 26cm x 27cm
Box MaterialAluminium
Typical RF Shielding0.1GHZ – 1.0GHz > 65dB
1.0GHZ – 3.0GHz > 65dB
3.0GHZ – 12.0GHz > 65dB

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