Form in place (FIP)

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Parker Chomerics’ Cho-form (Conductive) and ParPHorm (non-conductive) are two types of form-in-place gasketing materials that are used in a variety of industries, including electronics, automotive, and aerospace. These materials are able to conform to complex shapes and create a watertight seal, making them ideal for applications where traditional gaskets cannot be used.

HITEK Electronic Materials offers a form-in-place gasketing service that uses Cho-form and ParPHorm to create custom gaskets for a wide range of applications. Our team of experienced technicians can work with you to design and manufacture a gasket that meets your specific needs.

Design Considerations

Typically we recommend a minimum gasket height of 0.8mm or 1mm with a maximum of roughly 1.6mm for a singular bead. Higher would be possible with bead on bead.

To achieve a good quality gasket, we recommend about 0.2-0.3mm space within the metal chassis, to allow for the bead to sit nicely within the groove.

It is preferred for the metal work receiving the gasket has a U-shaped groove as it may offer more longevity of the gasket bead. While we can dispense/ facilitate a FIP Gasket on no groove metal work/ etched metals we cannot assure the same level of longevity.

For more information on what to consider, please read the Gasket Design Considerations PDF from Parker Chomerics for more information

Benefits of FIP

  • Custom design – Our programmable machine allows for the production of gaskets in various shapes.
  • Watertight seal – Cho-form and ParPHorm create a watertight seal that prevents leaks.
  • Conformable – Cho-form and ParPHorm can conform to complex shapes, making them ideal for applications where traditional gaskets may not suffice.
  • Durable – Cho-form and ParPHorm are durable materials that can withstand harsh environments.
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