Phase Change Materials

Parker Chomerics Thermflow Phase Change Material

Parker Chomerics Phase Change Materials


Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are dry, thin pads that are placed in between a heatsink or component surface. Upon reaching the required melting temperature, the pad will fully change phase into a liquid to achieve maximum surface wetting for better thermal performance.


Bergquist Phase Change Materials

Select the product name to access its datasheet.

Select the product name to access its datasheet.

Hi-Flow THF 500
(Hi-Flow 625)

Hi-Flow THF 700 UT
(Hi-Flow 225 UT)

Hi-Flow THF 900
(Hi-Flow 105)

Hi-Flow THF 1500 P
(Hi-Flow 650 P)

Hi-Flow THF 1600 P
(Hi-Flow 300 P)

Hi-Flow THF 3000 UT
(Hi-Flow 565 UT)

Hi-Flow 1000 F AC
(Hi-Flow 225 F AC)

Parker Chomerics Thermflow Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) completely fill interfacial air gaps and voids. They also displace entrapped air between power dissipating electronic components. Phase Change Materials are designed to maximize heat sink performance and improve component reliability.

Key Attributes

  • Low thermal impedance 

  • Proven solution – years of production use in personal computer OEM applications 

  • Demonstrated reliability through thermal cycling and accelerated age testing 

  • Thermflow Non-Silicone, Phase-Change Thermal Interface Pads

  • Can be pre-applied to heat sinks 

  • Protective release liner prevents contamination of material prior to final component assembly 

  • Tabs available for easy removal of release liner (T710, T725*, T557, T777, PC07DM) * T725 is only offered with a tab

  • Available in custom die-cut shapes, kiss-cut on rolls


  • Microprocessors 

  • Graphics processors 

  • Chipsets 

  • Memory modules 

  • Power modules 

  • Power semiconductors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the material flow out when operational?

Material may flow when oriented vertically, especially at higher temperatures. This does not affect thermal performance, but should be considered if appearance is important.

Can Phase Change materials be removed?

Yes, heated up to 40°C and snapped apart with a sharp blade.  Please note, Thermflow pads soften as they reach component operating temperatures.

What should a bonding surface be cleaned with?

IPA or MEK, essentially dust free.

Are Phase Change materials electrically isolating?

Standard Thermflow products are electrically non-conductive, however metal-to-metal contact is possible after the material undergoes phase change, decreasing their electrical isolation properties. PC07DM-7 is the only Thermflow material recommended for use as a dielectric insulator.