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We are proud to announce we have an On-Call Firefighter in our Team!

8th February 2019

Kyle Short, part of our Costings Team has recently completed training to become an On-Call firefighter at Scunthorpe Fire Station. Alongside his full-time role here at HITEK, Kyle will carry an alerter and be ready to spring into action when he is needed down at the station. When his alerter goes off, he has to drop what he is doing and make his way to the local Fire Station as quickly as possible, only on arrival will he find out if he is heading out to an incident or if he is on standby due to the full time crews already being committed to an incident.

Our Managing Director Jim Lawton said, “We are delighted that Kyle has passed the intensive induction training to become an on-call firefighter. The skill sets he has gained through the induction will, I am sure, develop Kyle in his role at HITEK and allow him to share these skills with his team.

The journey to becoming an On-Call firefighter involved seven weeks of intensive training, which was split into five phases. He had to learn and understand: - how to use all of the equipment that is stored on a Fire Engine; how to operate the pump; immediate emergency care which involved trauma care and life support; how to extricate casualties from a vehicle as safely and effectively as possible who have been involved in a road traffic collision; water rescue for open water or flooding incidents along with compartment fire behaviour and breathing apparatus training.

Kyle said, “It was a real test, nothing was easy about the training, the hardest part was definitely during the breathing apparatus drill when we were pushed to experience heat exhaustion to understand our own personal limits.” Whilst Kyle was out of the office completing his training, his colleagues in the Costings team, Dan and Chris played an important part in the running of the department and supporting Kyle.

This life changing decision was made because Kyle wants to make a difference within his local community and to be an excellent role model for his young daughter, he said, “Since my daughter was born, I decided that I wanted to be there for the community and people’s loved ones in times of need.”

We asked Kyle if he had any advice for anyone who is thinking about applying to become an On-Call firefighter, his words were, “train hard to reach a good level of fitness, do your homework and give your absolute all!” Kyle’s Passing out Parade took place on Wednesday 6th February at the Humberside Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters in Hull.

If you would like to find out more about applying, please take a look at the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service website: