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Copper Tape Cleaner

As the Copper Tape Handle Covers and the Copper Tape Flex products are used, depending on the frequency of the handle being used, the bright copper colour of the fabric will start to discolour/darken.

This is due to the construction of the fabric. The material has a very high surface area due to the non-woven structure. This exposes the largest amount of copper to make them work as efficiently as possible in not harbouring bacteria and viruses.

When exposed to the atmosphere, the copper will begin to oxidise and darken. This darkening will be accelerated by oils from the skin whilst operating the handles (as well as contaminants on the skin i.e. dirt).

The copper products will still operate as designed if the darkening occurs.

Statex have appreciated feedback from their customers who would prefer to see their copper products to remain bright and have therefore released the Copper Tape Cleaner product.

By holding a lint free cloth behind the handle (to catch any overspray/drips) and spraying the copper tape, leaving it work for up to 2 minutes and wiping the handle with the same lint free cloth will remove the oxide/oil/dirt away from the surface.

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