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Henkel Phase Change Materials

Effective alternative to thermal greases, saving time and money without sacrificing thermal performance

HITEK offers the Henkel range of Phase Change Materials, these are an effective alternative to thermal greases, saving time and money without sacrificing thermal performance. The no mess thixotropic characteristics keep phase change material from flowing out of the interface during operating temperatures, but become a solid at room temperature and are easy to handle.

 Henkel's Phase Change Materials range is listed below:

 HI FLOW THF 1600P - consists of a thermally conductive 55°C phase change compound coated on a thermally conductive polyimide film. 

• HI FLOW THF 3000UT - a naturally tacky, thermally conductive phase change material which is supplied in a user-friendly tabulated pad form. 

• HI FLOW THF 1500P - a thermally conductive phase change material, reinforced with a polyimide film that is naturally tacky on one side. 

• LOCTITE TCF 1000 K3 - an electrically isolating phase change thermal interface material, suitable for use between a heat sink and variety heat generating components. 

• LOCTITE TCF 1000 ALH - a phase-change thermal interface material, suitable for use between a heat sink and a variety of heat generating components. 

Hi-Flow materials are suitable for consumer and industrial electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and telecommunications applications such as:

  • UPS and SMPS AC/DC, DC/ DC or linear power supplies
  • Between a CPU and heatsink
  • Power conversion devices
  • Fractional and integral motor control
  • Leaded, surface mount and power module assemblies

For the full datasheet on any of these products please click on the links above and there is a download section with it along with further product information and if you do need any more information on the product or to request a quote please contact HITEK on +44 (0)1724 851678 



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