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Thermally Conductive Grease

High thermal conductivity with low stress to components upon assembly and reliable long term performance.

Henkel Conductive Greases are one-part thermal interface compounds which provide high thermal conductivity with low stress to components upon assembly. 

Henkel’s range of conductive greases are excellently suited for high watt density applications, they can be used in screen printing applications, they do not require curing and thereby do not need to be “conditioned” post cure. These materials are designed to resist pump-out of the interface – even after many hours of heat and power cycling – in order to provide reliable long time performance resulting in cost-saving and rework time. As these compounds wet-out under pressure of assembly they ensure that the maximum surface area is covered between the thermal interface and heat sink so that heat transfer is as efficient as possible.

Each conductive grease within the range has diverse properties so as to offer the best solution to diverse and demanding applications. Varying features include viscosity, volume resistivity, thermal conductivity, continuous use temperature, mechanical and chemical strength, containers and filler size.

Henkels range of conductive greases are listed below:

  • TIC 1000A - Exceptional value, high thermal performance thermal interface compound.
  • TIC 4000 - Outstanding thermal performance in a conductive grease.
  • Liqui Form TLF LF 2000 - Liquid formable, thermally conductive compound which is highly conformable and exhibits minimal component stress.
  • Liqui Form TLF LF 3500 - Dispensable pre-cured gel with outstanding thermal conductivity and exhibits minimal component stress.

TIC1000A & TIC4000 are both exceptional solutions as compounds between computer processors and heat sinks. Where TIC1000A provides exceptional value, high thermal conductivity (1.5W/mK), ease of storage at room temperature and no post cure conditioning, TIC4000 offers an outstanding thermal conductivity (4.0W/mK) and extremely low thermal impedance (0.19°C/W). TIC1000A should be considered for  high performance CPU’s & GPU’s whereas TIC4000 is better suited to high watt density applications where very low thermal impedance is required. Both can be used at temperatures of up to 150°C.

LF, short for LIQUI-FORM, 2000 & 3500 relieve the needs for stability and ease of use whilst also exhibiting minimal component stress during assembly. LF2000 and LF3500 are both thixotropic, naturally tacky and have a continuous use temperature range spanning from -60 to 200°C, they form around and stay in place when applied to components. Where LF200 offers high thermal conductivity (2.0 W/mK), excellent-conformability, low volumetric expansion and doesn’t require mixing, curing or refrigerated storage, LF3500 is a dispensable pre-cured gel that provides superior thermal conductivity (3.5W/mK). Both are recommended for bare die to heat spreader lids; devices requiring low assembly pressure; BGA, PGA and PPGA applications. LF3500 should also be considered for use in handheld devices and high value assemblies with rework.

Learn more by viewing the Thermal Interface Compounds Selector Guide or Find a Datasheet



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