Cable Screening

Cable Screening

EMI shielding for cabling, provided to overcome radiated emission and cross-talk. Available as heat shrink, knitted wire mesh, fabric and foil tape. A conformable and highly flexible solution.


Cable screening solutions include:

Shield Wrap

Cho-Foil & Cho-Fab



Any length of cable that carries power or a signal risks interfering with other electronics. Cable shielding can be achieved with either Shieldwrap, Cho-Foil tapes or Statex conductive fabrics.

Applications include:

  • EMI shielding wiring looms and power cables

  • Eliminate static build up

  • Grounding connectors

  • Ideal for high temperature environments

  • Used where cable flexibility is still needed

  • Ideal for shielding cables that cannot be removed from equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Which conductive heat-shrinks have no hot melt glue inside and can be removed?

Cho-Shrink 1061 and 1120.

What product would you recommend to reseal a Cho-Shrink 1061 or 1120 heat-shrink material after it has been cut to view the cables inside?

We recommend any of the Cho-Bond materials such as 1030, 1038 or 1075.

What product would you recommend for screening cables that cannot be removed?

We recommend Chomerics Shield Wrap, this is a knitted wire tape that shields cables in situ.