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Cable Screening

Exceptional Cable Screening Solutions.

We supply an extensive range of Parker Chomerics products for shielding cables, connectors and terminations from electro-magnetic interference. This ensures that you obtain an exceptional solution with conformability and cost-effectiveness.

Whatever your application - space to sub-sea, cables of any electronic systems where weight saving is essential, grounding where considerable flexibility is desired, or supplying electrical contact to any surfaces that cannot be soldered to (e.g. conductive plastic or aluminium) - HITEK can provide a product that tailors to your direct needs.

Our range of cable screening solutions includes:


CHO-SHRINK is a heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing that offers significant weight savings over the traditional metal braid shielding; it’s exceedingly useful for providing effective EMI shielding for cables, connectors and terminations and is easily applied with standard shrink tubing heating devices.

Its main benefit is its unique silver-based conductive coating applied on the inside to all standard CHO-SHRINK tubing (but can be applied to the outside as well) which remains flexible, intact and uniform - even after maximum shrinking - providing 360° exceptional shielding. The silver gives CHO-SHRINK its antimicrobial properties making it an exemplary material for shielding medical devices.


SHIELD-WRAP is a knitted wire mesh tape used for shielding around cables and harnesses from EMI whilst reducing corona discharge. SHIELD-WRAP is a two-ply flattened cylinder normally made from Monel (a nickel-copper alloy) or Ferrex (tin plated, copper-clad steel wire) but can also be produced in aluminium, tinned copper, nickel, stainless steel and a variety of other metals. SHIELD-WRAP is also available in a variety of wire diameters and widths.

Where SHIELD-WRAP excels compared to straight-wire woven mesh tapes is that under rising temperatures SHIELD-WRAP’s knitted loops enlarge into each other and remain in constant contact with the wrapped surface; whereas straight wires of woven mesh bulge away from the surface resulting in an ineffective cable/harness wrap.  When grounding is required, although it is not meant to be used as a substitute for braided grounding straps, SHIELD-WRAP is remarkably convenient when flexibility is paramount.


CHO-FOIL and CHO-FAB are ideal for solving dilemmas where EMI shielding and electrical contact are necessities but surfaces cannot be soldered to. CHO-FOIL tapes come with Chomerics’ highly conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), a non-conductive adhesive is also available for applications requiring surface contact only, and are available in copper, aluminium or tinned-copper backing foils. CHO-FAB tape is an extremely strong and lightweight nickel-plated filled cloth that comes with a highly conductive nickel-plated-filled PSA. CHO-FAB is resistant to corrosion making it a practical solution to an extensive number of applications.

CHO-FOIL and CHO-FAB are suited to applications including; EMI and ESD Shielding for cables, as a provider for low impedance between a braided cable and the metal connect backshell in moulded cables, as corrosion-resistant ground points, ensuring electrical continuity in seams of EMI shielded rooms/electronic enclosures (or ventilation slots for EMI radiation measurement troubleshooting) and supplying electrical contact to surfaces that can’t be soldered.



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