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WAVE-X Sheets

EMI/RF absorber solution across a wide range of applications

WAVE-X Sheets are designed to suppress EMI and RF at the source of radiation, with ultra high permeability values that makes this product very effective at frequencies from 10MHz to 3GHz, it is available in an array of thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.040” and can be formed, cut, and stacked. It is used when space is limited and can be applied easily.WAVE-X is an effective and reliable solution due to its unique formulation, beginning with ARC Technologies’ specialised WAVE-X fillers, they use the most advanced metallurgical processes, creating highly permeable materials that are designed to disrupt and absorb EMI interference.

There are a variety of uses for WAVE- X; it is used in near-field applications; enclosures, lids, boards, cables and assemblies; reduction in noise and crosstalk within mobile electronics and reducing crosstalk and EMI on ribbon and flexible cables. It can also be used in the reduction of radiated IC noise and the dampening of radiation and oscillations inside shields and cavities. WAVE-X can increase signal integrity on high speed data lines by reducing crosstalk and traveling waves.


Tailored Solutions

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