ARC Technologies Wave-X Sheet


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WX-Z Cable Coating

Wave-X is a family of near-field absorbers offering noise suppression in the frequency range from 5 MHz to 110 GHz. It is uniquely formulated for near-field microwave and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) challenges. Wave-X comes in various form factors including sheet, injection moulded and extruded.


Wave-X near-field absorbers were developed for the commercial and defence markets. This formulation is offered in various form factors to effectively serve our customers. The Wave-X family offers a wide variety of solutions for near-field absorption.

  • Wave-X thin sheet absorbers suppress interference at the source and with minimum thickness of just 0.13mm can fit into tight spaces

  • Wave-X Z is an extrusion grade near field absorber designed to be extruded over wire and cable to suppress unwanted interference and eliminate the need for ferrite suppressors

  • Wave-X WT are carbon loaded polymer ideally suited for absorption at extremely high frequencies of up to 110GHz

Frequently Asked Questions

Which absorber works best at low frequencies such as 10, 50 or 100MHz?

ARC Technologies’ Wave-X WX-A thin absorber sheets are designed to function as an effective near field absorber. Wave-X has high magnetic loss and is ideally suited for a wide range of lower frequency applications including RFID, NFC and wireless charging.