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Water-Based VpCI's

Versatile products that do not compromise on corrosion protection.

HITEK provides water-based concentrates, courtesy of Cortec, these water-based inhibitors replace oily coatings and coolants to provide corrosion protection. They can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, are easy to apply and provide cost and time efficient solutions. 

Please consider the following products:

VpCI-372 is water-based strippable coating used to protect against corrosion, when applied VpCI-372 forms a film which forms a coating, this coating acts as a physical barrier and provides protection against scratches and abrasion. The coating can then be easily peeled/stripped away when the equipment/part needs to be used. VpCI-372 also emits a vapour that prevents atmospheric corrosion. It provides protection for a multitude of metals and is suited for protecting clean metal or painted surfaces, tooling, keypads and paint booths.

VpCI-416 is a heavy-duty water-based alkaline cleaner/degreaser which is normally used for temporary corrosion protection and cleaning for metal parts in industrial and marine applications. VpCI-416 is distinct in that it offers unique flash corrosion protection; it removes greases and oil deposits from machinery, engines, vehicles, construction equipment and cranes. When diluted with 4 parts water to 1 part VCI 416 the corrosion protection will last up to 6 weeks indoors on bare metal parts. 

VpCI-426 is a heavy-duty, water-based concentrate used to remove corrosion, scale and naturally occurring oxides from iron, carbon and stainless steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium. Whilst it removes rust and scale it also brightens aluminium and copper. VpCI 426 is user-friendly, non toxic, nitrite-free and can be used also for household corrosion removal needs. VpCI 426 also comes in a gel form which is suitable for vertical and hard to treat surfaces and can be used in areas which are inaccessible for sandblasting or power tools.

VpCI-428 is a water-based, heavy-duty concentrate used in applications such as aluminium truck brightening, locomotive cleaning, pontoon boat/aluminium boat cleaning, wheel cleaning and building restoration. As VpCI-428 not only protects against corrosion but also brightens aluminium. When used properly VpCI -428 quickly removes oxides and does not attack the aluminium. VpCI-428 also removes calcium, silicate and limescale deposits. When used at 100% concentration VpCI-428 can be used for specialised descaling and tub/tile cleaning.

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Tailored Solutions 

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