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UV Curable

HITEK supplies a range of UV curing adhesives from Henkel. The products are ideal for fast bonding glass and other clear substrates, they have also been used for bonding and sealing of munitions, loudspeaker assemblies ferrites, and they have also been used in small potting applications. Below are some examples of UV curable adhesives:

Eccobond UV9000 is a single component, thermally conductive acrylate that can be cured via UV; Eccobond UV9000 is used as an adhesive and as a sealant. Aside from being fast-curing, Eccobond UV9000 is also dual curing; it can be cured either with Ultraviolet light or with a moisture and heat cure. Eccobond UV9000 has thixotropic properties, is resistant to solvents and offers good bonding to plastics. Eccobond UV9000 has been applied to polyester, polyetherimide and gold. It is also worth noting that Eccobond UV9000 can be syringe dispensed and has an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 100°C.

Eccobond UV9030 is a single-component, UV curing, acrylate which comes in the form of a red-paste and is used as a sealant and as an adhesive. Eccobond UV9030 is dual-curing meaning it can either be cured via UV light or via UV light and heat (110°C). Please keep in mind that when UV light and heat are both used, areas which are shadowed or overlooked by the Ultraviolet light source will still be cured as long as heat is also applied. Eccobond UV9030 can be applied to gold and plastic substrates. Eccobond UV9030 has an operating temperature between -20 and 100°C and is resistant to solvents.

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