Thermoplastic Absorber

Premier Thermoplastic Pellets


ARC Technologies compound different fillers, typically: carbon, ferrite or iron particles to achieve the desired absorption or conductivity to solve the interference problem. The thermoplastic binder is selected to meet the mechanical requirements while the absorptive fillers satisfy the electrical requirements. We will mould components to your design specification or extrude sheet and apply PSA. Additionally, we can provide finished parts or specially compounded pellets directly to your moulder of choice.

Applications include:

  • On-board chip cap absorber

  • Electronic sub-housing

  • Telecom equipment

  • Military systems

  • Industrial equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Microwave filters and transceivers

  • Waveguide terminations

  • Automotive

Premier: High-Performance Conductive Thermoplastics for EMI Shielding

Parker Chomerics' Premier is a conductive plastic blend of thermoplastic and conductive fillers that provides world class shielding effectiveness and requires no machining, plating, painting or other added processing steps.

Premier is the world’s first commercially available conductive thermoplastic for real world EMI shielding solutions. It is a blend of PC/ABS thermoplastic polymer alloys and conductive fillers engineered for stable electrical, mechanical, and physical performance. The conductive filler technology utilises nickel plated carbon (Ni-C) fibres as the base filler.

In the case of higher shielding versions, Nickel-Graphite (Ni-C) powder is blended with the fibre base to deliver enhanced performance.

Injection Moulding Thermoplastic Material offers high magnetic and/or electrical loss properties for frequency solutions ranging from 600MHz to 110GHz, with a wide range of flexible and rigid thermoplastic compounds and absorptive fillers, offered as cast, moulded, extruded, or pellet form.


Tailor made to suit your needs. These products include:

  • Thin extruded absorber sheets

  • Moulded chip caps

  • I​njection moulded termination loads as low cost alternative to machined epoxy

Frequently Asked Questions

Which absorbers are effective in the high GHz bands?

ARC Technologies’ SB series thermoplastic absorbers are very effective at energy absorption from about 77GHz to 110GHz, depending on the product formulation. These thin, durable materials are ideally suited for use in on-the-body automotive applications as well as in microwave-based security scanners.

Can Premier injection moulded plastic materials be recycled or re-used?

Yes, as long as the Premier substrates are not painted with any coatings.

Can Premier PEI-140 dissipate heat?

Yes. It has a thermal conductivity of approximately 0.70W/mK. Please note, we advise using other forms to dissipate heat such as an aluminium heatsink attached onto the exterior side of the cold wall.

Applications include:

• Patient monitoring medical applications

• Man portable military handhelds

• In cabin controls in aircraft

• Industrial controls

• Medical diagnostic devices

• Critical care applications

• Military displays