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Thermal Compounds

Chomerics’ THERM-A-FORM™ are form-in-place, flexible elastomer compounds which are thermally conductive and are used for heat transfer applications in electronic component cooling. THERM-A-FORM™ materials form-in-place into flexible adhesives/sealants/potting compounds which minimise the amount of stress exerted on components. They are available in a range of kit sizes for both manual and pneumatic dispensing. Each THERM-A-FORM material is supplied as liquid reactive components.

As with all applications the choice of thermal material used will be dependent on the nature of the application and the primary purpose of the product. THERM-A-FORM materials can be categorised as follows:

THERM-A-FORM general purpose, thermally conductive compounds provide a cost-effective, ease of application solution for transferring heat away from sensitive components by acting as adhesives, sealants or potting compounds.

The THERM-A-FORM series also includes speciality thermal compounds with features and qualities which tailor them for more select and demanding applications. 

If there is nothing suitable on this page please go to the EMC conductive compounds area where there are several electrically conductive compounds with high thermal conductivities listed

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Please note that minimum order quantities apply, contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd for applications involving low volumes or for any assistance with your application.

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