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Thermal Insulating Pads

CHO-THERM® insulating pads provide high temperature stability, dielectric strength and volume resistivity.

HITEK supplies thermal insulating pads, manufactured by Chomerics, known as CHO-THERM®. CHO-THERM® was originally designed as an alternative solution, instead of greased mica insulators, as a user-friendly insulator between discrete power devices and heat sinks; conducting very large heat loads and maintaining electrical insulation between heat sinks and components.

CHO-THERM® insulating pads provide high temperature stability, dielectric strength and volume resistivity. CHO-THERM® insulating pads can be organised into the following categories:

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CHO-THERM® high power thermal insulating pads should be considered for high-end power supplies, industrial, aerospace, avionics and military applications as they have proven their effectiveness with decades of use in military and aerospace applications. These high power thermal insulating pads are highly reliable when used in high power applications and demanding environments.

CHO-THERM® cost-effective thermal insulating pads offer good thermal properties, dielectric and mechanical strength at an economical price and are ideal in either general use or specific applications regarding power conversion equipment, power supplies and semiconductors, automotive electronics, motor or engine controllers and television or consumer electronics. 

Alongside their good thermal and electrical insulating properties all CHO-THERM® products have UL certified flammability ratings and versions of CHO-THERM® have reinforcement carriers - made of either polyimide or fibreglass - resulting in high mechanical strength and resistance against cutting, tearing and puncturing. 

Please note that minimum order quantities apply, contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd for applications involving low volumes or for any assistance with your application.

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