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Thermal Attach Tapes

THERMATTACH double-sided adhesive tapes provide an effective thermal interface between electronic components and heat sinks.

THERMATTACH® thermally conductive adhesive tapes are designed to replace clips and other fasteners when permanently attaching a heat sink to a component. This is achieved by using a carrier coated with an acrylic adhesive on both sides. This adhesive is thermally enhanced to improve the overall heat transfer characteristics.

The Thermattach® double-sided thermal tapes range can be categorised as so:

THERMATTACH double-sided general purpose thermal interface tapes provide a cost-effective, ease of application solution for adhering components to vertical heat sinks or to metal chassis walls in place of clips, screws or other mechanical fasteners, and require no additional thermal compound. They can also be consistently applied to satisfy design-level thermal and adhesive needs. 

The THERMATTACH series also includes speciality thermal attach tapes with features and qualities which tailor them for more select and demanding applications. 

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Please note that minimum order quantities apply, contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd for applications involving low volumes or for any assistance with your application.

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