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Thermal Gap Fillers

THERM-A-GAP® thermal interface materials fill air gaps between hot components and heat sinks or metal chassis.

Their flexible, elastic nature allows them to blanket highly uneven surfaces. Heat is conducted away from seperate components or entire PCBs into metal covers, frames or spreader plates.

The purpose of the gap filler in the joint is to replace the air gap with something that is at least 30 times more conductive than air and in intimate contact with both the surface of the component and the heat sink. When choosing the gap filler take account of the maximum pressure that the component can take along with the tolerance on the gap. Our range of thermal gap fillers includes:

High thermal conductivity gap filler pads offer the highest thermal conductivity for low to moderate clamping force applications such as; telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics (ECUs), LEDs/lighting, power conversion and power semiconductors. With excellent thermal performance, acrylic PSA for improved application and the ability to reinforce with fibreglass for improved tear strength and improved rework capabilities.

Conformable thermal gap fillers only require low deflection forces, provide high thermal conductivity and reduce contact resistance with their high tack surfaces. Conformable thermal gap fillers also provide cost-effective solutions and economical combinations of thermal performance and conformability. They are the best thermal gap fillers for moulding complex parts and vibration dampening.

Dispensable thermal gap filler gels is a form-stable dispensable gap filler, general user material, providing good thermal performance. Only an ultra-low deflection force is required ensuring that minimal stress acts upon components. These materials have years of proven reliability in high-volume automotive applications and deliver superior thermal performance for the most demanding heat transfer problems.

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Please note that minimum order quantities apply, contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd for applications involving low volumes or for any assistance with your application.

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