Parker Chomerics Technical Data Sheets 

72 00002 (Tecknit 0002)

72 00005 (Tecknit 0005)

72 08116 (Tecknit 8116)

73 00025 (Tecknit 0025) Conductive Coating 

British Standard International O-Ring Sizes BS 1806

Chemical Compatibility of Elastomers

Cho-Bond 320 (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Silicone)

Cho-Bond 360 20 (Two component silver plated copper filled epoxy)

Cho-Bond 360 208

Cho-Bond 580 208 (Conductive epoxy bus bar adhesive)

Cho-Bond 584 29 (Ag filled conductive epoxy)

Cho-Bond 584 208 (Ag filled conductive epoxy)

Cho-Bond 592 (Silver filled Conductive Epoxy Adhesive)

Cho-Bond 1016 (Ni plated, graphite filled, one component conductive silicone)

Cho-Bond 1019 (Ag-Al Gap filler and sealant)

Cho-Bond 1029 (Ag plated Cu filled silicone)

Cho-Bond 1030 (One component, Ag plated Cu filled silicone RTV)

Cho-Bond 1035 (Ag-Glass filled one component conductive silicone)

Cho-Bond 1038 (One component electrically conductive silicone sealant)

Cho-Bond 1075 (Ag coated Al filler)

Cho-Bond 1085 and 1086 Primers (Air drying liquid primers)

Cho-Bond 1121 (One component electrically conductive silicone sealant, VOC free)

Cho-Bond 2165 (Cu filled two component PU conductive sealant)

Cho-Bond 4660 and 4669 (Caulks)

Cho-Bond Conductive Caulks and Sealants

Cho-Bond Primer 1087 (Multi substrate)

Cho-Bond RTV FAQ

Cho-Flex 602

Cho-Foil and Cho Fab

Cho-Form 5528

Cho-Form 5541

Cho-Form 5560

Cho-Form 5575

Cho-Form and ParPHorm Form-In-Place EMI Gasketing Solutions

Cho ITO Coated Conductive Windows

Cho Jac Flat Cable Shielding

Cho-Lube 4220 Electrically Conductive Grease

Cho-Lube E 117 Formerly Adlub 117

Cho-Mask II

Cho-Mute 9005 and 9025 MWave Absorber UL rated

Cho-Seal 1215 (Silver covered copper in silicone)

Cho-Seal 1217 (Silver covered copper in fluorosilicone)

Cho-Seal 1221 and Cho-Seal 1224 (Silver filled fluorosilicone and Silver filled silicone)

Cho-Seal 1285 (Silver plated aluminium in silicone)

Cho-Seal 1285R and 1287R Reinforced Conductive Elastomer Seals

Cho-Seal 1287 Conductive Fluorosilicone EMI Elastomer

Cho-Seal 1298 (Silver plated aluminium in fluorosilicone)

Cho-Seal 1298 and 1287 comparison

Cho-Seal 1350 (Ag-Glass filled silicone)

Cho-Seal 6370 (Nickel Graphite based silicone) Flame Retardant 

Cho-Seal 6371 (Nickel Graphite based silicone) Flame Retardant

Cho-Seal 6436 (Nickel plated Graphite (NiGr) Filled EPDM)

Cho-Seal 6452 (Nickel plated Graphite (NiGr) Filled EPDM)

Cho-Seal 6460 (Electrically conductive corrosion resistant)

Cho-Seal 6502 6503 (Nickel plated Aluminium (NiAl) Filled Silicone & Fluorosilicone)

Cho-Seal Channel Strips

Cho-Seal Elastomers Commercial and Military (List and brief description only)

Cho-Seal Elastomers Thermal Conductivity

Cho-Seal Gaskets care and life of Elastomers

Cho-Seal L 6303

Cho-Seal Molded Reinforced Seals

Cho-Seal Mushroom D Shape

Cho-Seal S 6305 (Nickel Graphite in Silicone)

Cho-Seal S 6600

Cho-Seal Sheet Stock

Cho-Seal Solid O Extrusions

Cho-Seal V 6433

Cho-Shield 568

Cho-Shield 571

Cho-Shield 571 (Advanced Ag filled coating dev for high vol spray apps on cct boards)

Cho-Shield 576 (Two part, Ag filled epoxy to accept an electrolyte plating layer)

Cho-Shield 579 (Low VOC Silver Epoxy Coating) 

Cho-Shield 604 (Ag filled coating for high vol spray apps on cct boards)

Cho-Shield 608 (One comp high perf Ag filled conductive coating)

Cho-Shield 610 (3 part silver plated copper epoxy)

Cho-Shield 1091

Cho-Shield 2000 Series Corrosion Resistant Conductive Coatings

Cho-Shield 2040 (Silver filled acrylic coating)

Cho-Shield 2044 (Nickel filled acrylic coating)

Cho-Shield 2056 (Silver Copper based Coating)

Cho-Shield 4994 & 4998

Cho-Shield 4994

Cho-Shrink 1061

Cho-Shrink 1120 (Ag filled Cu)

Cho-Strap (Electrically Insulated Ground Strap)

Cho Therm 1641 1642

Cho-Therm T500 1678 1671 High Power Insulator Pads

Cho-Therm T609

Cho-Therm T609 T444 1674 T441

Cho-Touch EMI Touchscreens

Cho-Touch LCDs

Cho-Fab cable shielding 25-50% overlap spiral

Compressed Mesh Gaskets

Con RTV II and Con RTV Ni

Conductive Caulk 72 00005 (Tecknit)

Conductive Caulk 72 00014 (Tecknit)

Conductive Caulk 72 00151 (Tecknit)

Conductive Coatings Typical Properties

Conductive Elastomer Connector Gaskets

Conductive Elastomer Custom Extrusions

Conductive Elastomer Flat Washers

Conductive Elastomer Hollow P Strips

Conductive Elastomer Molded D and O Rings

Conductive Elastomer Molded Reinforced Seals

Conductive Elastomer Seals (Reinforced)

Conductive Elastomer Sheet Stock

Conductive Elastomer Waveguide Gaskets

Conductive Elastomers Description

Conductive Elastomers Profiles

Connector Gaskets Mounting Flange (30-01 pn)

D-Subminiatures EMI Shielding


Duralan II P Windows

Galvanic Corrosion and Metal Finish compatibility

Gasket Design and Tolerances

IP Reference Chart

Jam Nut Seals

Mesh Gaskets

Mesh Strip with Elastomer Core

Metal EMI Gaskets Performance Data

Metalastic and Porcupine

MIL-DTL-83528 (Technical Article)

NASA Outgassing Information

Par Phorm 

Pola Solid

Pola Solid and Sponge

Pola Sponge

Premier ATCA Faceplate Blanks

Premier PBT 225

Premier PEI-140

Premier Processing Guide

Premier Typical Properties

Preventing Galvanic Corrosion

Primer 1087

Profiles - Solid O

Selecting Conductive EMI Gaskets for Military Applications

Shield Wrap Knitted Wire Mesh Tape

Shieldmesh Compressed Mesh Gaskets

Silver Busbar Paint Data Sheet

Soft Shield 3500

Soft Shield 3500 and 3750 Rectangle profiles

Soft Shield 3500 Data Sheet

Soft Shield 3700

Soft Shield 4800

Soft Shield 4850

Soft Shield 4850 Strip

Spring Line Beryllium Copper EMI Shielding Gaskets

Spring Line Stainless Steel Card Cage Gaskets

Teckbond E0007 aka 72EU00007 Two Component Polyurethane Caulk

Tecknit 0002 (72EU00002)

Tecknit 0005 (Formerly 72-00005)

Tecknit 0025 (73-00025) Conductive Coating

Tecknit 8116 (72-08116)

Tecknit Conductive Grease 72-00015 and 00016 Specifications

Teckshield F Windows

Therm-A-Form CIP 35 Cure-In-Place Thermal Compound

Therm-A-Form CIP35, T64X and 164X Series

Therm-A-Form Form-In-Place Thermal Interface Compounds and Encapsulants

Therm-A-Gap 174 274 and 574 Gap Pads

Therm-A-Gap G 574

Therm-A-Gap Gel 35

Therm-A-Gap Gel 37

Therm-A-Gap Gel 45 (For ECU's, Power supplies and semiconductor)

Therm-A-Gap Gel 75

Therm-A-Gap Gel 8010 Gel 30

Therm-A-Gap MCS 30

Therm-A-Gap Pads

Therm-A-Gap T63X Series

Therm-A-Gap T652

Therm-A-Gap TC 50

Therm-A-Gap 500 - G579

Thermal Compound TC 60

Thermal Conductivity of Sheets and Extrusions

Thermal Gels

Thermal Grease T650 T660 T670

Thermattach T 411

Thermattach Thermal Tapes 

Thermattach Thermal Tapes T418 T412 T404 T405 T411

Thermflow Phase Change Materials

Thermflow T 557 application notes

Waveguide Gaskets (873 and 877)

Waveguide Gaskets 

Waveguide Gaskets and RF Seals

Win-Shield C information

Win-Shield G Windows

Win-Shield Micromesh (EMI Shielding for LCD displays)

Win-Shield P Windows

Win-Shield Touchscreens

Win-Shield F

Win-Shield Mesh

Win-Shield performance

Wire Mesh Over Elastomer Core (211, 214 and 216)

Therm-A-Gap Gel 75 Reliability Test Report

Therm-A-Gap TPS 60

Shelf Life Thermal Interface Materials

Pro-Shield 7100

Pro-Shield 7002

Pro-Shield 7201

Pro-Shield 7108

Cho-Therm 1680 Technical Bulletin

Cho-Therm Pads

Therm-A-Gap 569-976 Selector

Therm-A-Gap Pad 60 (6w-mK gap pad)

Therm-A-Gap Pad 30 (3w-mK gap pad)

Therm-A-Gap Gel 75 White

Cho-Therm 1680

Compounds Application Procedure Rev H

Cho Seal 1273 (Silver plated copper in silicone)