ARC Technologies Technical Data Sheets 

13444 Rev A

13446 Rev A

76305 Rev A

90342 Rev A

90342-1 (No PSA) 12 x 12 Rev A

90342-2 (w PSA) 12 x 12 Rev A

90342-3 (No PSA) 24 x 24 Rev A

90342-4 (w PSA) 24 x 24 Rev A

90345 Rev A

98130 Rev B

Adhesive 90068 Rev A

ARC absorber power handling

B0301 Series Rev A

BB2001 Rev A

CA5000 Rev A

CD Series overview

CD-11877 (General information only)

CD-11995 (General information only)

Coverlite SO290 MIL-C-20696E TY I CL 3

DD Standard Silicone MAGRAM Series A Rev B

DD-10007 Rev B

DD-10015 Rev A

DD-10015-1 Rev A with PSA

DD-10016 Rev B No PSA

DD-10016-1 Rev B with PSA

DD-10017 Rev B

DD-10027 Rev A

DD-10027-1 (With PSA) Rev A

DD-10119 Rev A

DD-10120 Rev B

DD-10214 Rev D

DD-10215 Rev B

DD-10215-1 with PSA Rev B

DD-10218 Rev B

DD-10219 Rev B

DD-10253 Rev A

DD-10283-01 Rev B

DD-10284 Rev B

DD-10293 Rev A

DD-10306 Rev A

DD-10306-9 Rev A

DD-10311 Rev B

DD-10318 Rev B

DD-10321 Rev A

DD-10322 Rev B

DD-10324 Rev B

DD-10336 Rev A

DD-10421 Rev B

DD-10421-6 Rev B

DD-10422 Rev A

DD-10456 Rev B

DD-10466 Rev B

DD-10466-1 Rev B

DD-10500 Rev B

DD-10504 Rev A

DD-10508 Rev B

DD-10523 Rev A

DD-10610 Rev B

DD-10618 Rev A

DD-10668 Rev B

DD-10671 Rev B

DD-10671-1 (w PSA) Rev B

DD-10682 Rev C

DD-10683 Rev B

DD-10684 Rev B

DD-10686-1 Rev B

DD-10695 Rev A

DD-10736 Rev B (Specific at 5GHz, 2.08mm)

DD-10756 Rev B

DD-10759 Rev A

DD-10778 Rev B

DD-10779 Rev B

DD-10824 Rev A

DD-10831 Rev B

DD-10928 Rev A

DD-10955 Rev B

DD-10955-1 (w PSA) Rev B

DD-10975 Rev A

DD-10986 Rev B

DD-11006 Rev B

DD-11008 Rev B

DD-11053 Rev A

DD-11060 Rev B

DD-11093 Rev B

DD-11094 Rev C (Specific at 18.5GHz, 1.27mm)

DD-11096 Rev B (Specific at 12GHz, 1.78mm)

DD-11105 Rev B (144 x 36cm roll)

DD-11105-3 Rev B

DD-11105-7 with PSA Rev B

DD-11141 Rev B

DD-11143 Rev A

DD-11170 Rev B

DD-11185 Rev B

DD-11196 Rev B

DD-11319-01 Rev B

DD-11320-01 Rev B

DD-11342 Rev A

DD-11376 Rev A

DD-11393 Reflection Loss 2-40 GHz

DD-11393 Rev C

DD-11399 Rev A

DD-11453 Rev B

DD-11461 Rev B

DD-11475 Rev B

DD-11503 Rev B

DD-11529 Rev B

DD-11641 Rev A

DD-11751 Rev B

DD-11754 Rev A

DD-11758 Rev B

DD-11759 Rev B

DD-11759-1 (w PSA) Rev B

DD-11913 Rev B

DD-11935 Rev A

DD-11970 Rev B

DD-11990 Rev A

DD-12018-6 Rev B (with PSA)

DD-12254 Rev A

DD-13041-4 Rev B

DD-13045-02 Rev B

DD-13225 Rev A

DD-13230 Rev B

DD-13231 Rev B

DD-13490 Rev C

DD-13490-6 Rev C (1 inch squares with PSA)

DD-13840 Rev A

DD-13850 Rev A

DD-13851 Rev A

DD-13852 Rev A

DD-13852-1 Rev A

DD-13853 Rev A

DD-13853-1 Rev A

DD-13854 Rev A (14dB at 14GHz)

DD-22435 Rev A

DD-61007 Rev C

DDC-13244 Rev B (-22 at 36GHz)

DP-11186 Rev A

DP-13326-2 Rev A

EV-3000 Rev A (EVA Ethylene-vinyl Acetate)

FD-12331 Rev A (Viton Fluoroelastomer, 2.28mm)

FS-11649 Rev A (Fluorosilicone magram)

HC Series overview

HC-10177-4 (17.1mm) Rev A

HC-10328 (12.7mm) Rev C

HC-10580 (76.2mm) Rev B

HC-11308-1 (25.4mm) Rev B

HC-11437-1 (30.0mm) Rev A

HC-11917 (50.8mm) Rev B

HC-11979 (25.4mm) Rev A

HC-12151 (12.7mm) Rev A

HC-13112 (12.7mm) Rev B

HC-13282 (10.16mm) Rev B

HC-51056 (17.15mm) Rev B

HC-51123-8 (38.1mm) Rev B

HC-51123-12 (19.05mm) Rev B

HC-55175 (19.05mm) Rev A

HexAM Additive Manufacturing Brochure

HexPEKK EM Technical Data Sheet

HM2000 Rev C

HM3000 Rev B

HM3000 Rev C

HM3000-06 Rev C

HM5000 Rev B

LC1000 Rev B

LC1002 Rev A

LC2000 Rev A

LC6000 Rev A

LC-10514 Rev A (50.8mm)

LS Series Overview

LS-10054 Rev C (12.7mm)

LS-10055 Rev D (3.2mm)

LS-10055-2 (w PSA) Rev D (3.2mm)

LS-10055-29 Rev D (3.2mm)

LS-10055-40 Rev D (3.2mm)

LS-10055-108 Rev D (3.2mm)

LS-10121 Rev B (12.7mm)

LS-10122 Rev C (12.7mm)

LS-10168 Rev A (9.7mm)

LS-10210 Rev A (9.525mm)

LS-10211 Rev C (6.35mm)

LS-10211-25 (No PSA) Rev C (6.35mm)

LS-10211-29 (with PSA) Rev C (6.35mm)

LS-10220 Rev B (19.1mm)

LS-10231 Rev B (25.4mm)

LS-10234 Rev A (25.4mm)

LS-10244 Rev A (3.175mm)

LS-10245 Rev A (9.52mm)

LS-10245-20 Rev A (Acrylic Coating) (9.52mm)

LS-10246 Rev B (3.2mm)

LS-10290 Rev A (6.35mm)

LS-10369 Rev C (3.2mm)

LS-10372 Rev A (w PSA) (3.55mm)

LS-10390 Rev C (12.7mm)

LS-10426 Rev C (25.4mm)

LS-10562 Rev B (50.8mm)

LS-10569 Rev C (19.05mm)

LS-10598 Rev B (3.55mm)

LS-10640 Rev C (3.2mm)

LS-10706 Rev B (6.35mm)

LS-10707 Rev A (12.7mm)

LS-10717 Rev A (6.35mm)

LS-10720 Rev A (3.2mm)

LS-10733 Rev B (12.7mm)

LS-11025 Rev A (12 x 12 inch sheet) (28.5mm)

LS-11025-1 Rev A (12 x 24 inch sheet) (28.5mm)

LS-11057 Rev A (6.35mm)

LS-11059 Rev B (9.5mm)

LS-11073 Rev B (76.2mm)

LS-11191 Rev A (6.35mm)

LS-11379 Rev A (44.5mm)

LS-11576 Rev A (25.4mm)

LS-11933 Rev A (3.56mm)

LS-11983 Rev B (12.7mm)

LS-12792 Rev B (25.4mm)

LS-51251-13 Rev A (12 x 12 inch sheet and Urethane Binder) (3.175mm)

LS-51300 Rev B (50.8mm)

LS-55174 Rev B (19.1mm)

LS-55217 Rev B (50.8mm)

LS-55218 Rev B (50.8mm)

LS-55219 Rev B (50.8mm)

MC1000 Rev B (Wideband Multilayer, 75 to 110GHz)

MC1002 Rev B (70-110GHz)

ML Series Overview Rev D

ML-10019 Reflection Loss 0 - 40GHz

ML-10019 Reflection Loss 0-110GHz

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