Super Thermal Conductive Sheets (STC)

Super Thermal Conductive Sheet


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A revolutionary thermal interface material with a thermal conductivity rating far beyond the norm, made with aligned carbon fibres inside silicone.


HITEK STC thermally conductive gap pads can handle exceptionally high-power application demand levels, where heat generated needs to dissipate quickly. STC materials are rated up to 16 W/m-K and are available in various thicknesses.


  • Automotive

  • Trains

  • Aerospace

  • Military (e.g. high-powered radar)

  • Communications & satellite equipment

  • Energy generation

  • Motors

  • Heaters

Frequently Asked Questions

How is HEM STC able to achieve such high thermal conductivity?

STC products are made with a silicone binder which encapsulates graphite and carbon fibre - oriented in the Z-axis. These materials are stable at high temperatures and provide a highly efficient thermally conductive path from the heat source to heat dissipater.

What is the ideal deflection range for STC products?

For optimum performance STC035 should be deflected between 12 to 15 percent of nominal thickness. STC050 should be deflected between 15 to 18 percent of nominal thickness. These are guidelines and it is permissible to deflect the products outside of that range. Higher deflection results require increased force as documented on the data sheet.