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Super Thermal Conductive Sheets

A truly remarkable material for any solution requiring a thermal interface material.

HITEK Electronic Materials provides a revolutionary thermal interface material with a thermal conductivity rating far beyond the norm. Our super thermal conductive sheets are made with aligned carbon fibres within silicone. This couples two incredibly useful properties when designing a material to use between heat sinks and heat generating components.

Firstly it offers an incredible thermal conductivity of 14W/m-K (HEM STC-035) and 16W/m-K (HEM STC-050) values which tremendously exceeds the capabilities of conventional thermal gap filler materials/conductive pads (where ratings reach 10W/m-K). Secondly its conformability is exceptional, Shore A 20 (STC-035) and Shore A 50 (STC-050), enabling it to fill voids and rugged surfaces. This reduces contact resistance, which in turn provides the lowest thermal resistance, resulting in a high level of thermal coupling at just 15-20% compression.

Both HEM STC035 and HEM STC050 are available in a range of thicknesses; 0.5mm to 2.0mm (STC035) and 0.2mm to 2.0mm (STC050), both materials have a low tackiness ensuring that application is an easy process. Finally these super-thermal conductive sheets are highly stable at extreme temperatures, with an upper limit of 200°C for continuous use and all materials meet UL94 V0 flammability requirements.

Alternatives such as graphene based materials and oscillating heat pipes (OHP's) cannot offer the same conformability and cost effectiveness as HEM STC035 and HEM STC050. Graphene is very thin but it’s non compressible so its uses as a thermal interface material (especially when filling voids and rugged surfaces) are limited. The same can be said for OHP’s that also can be an expensive solution.

This is an incredibly exciting new piece of technology that has the potential to benefit the industry sectors below:

  • Automotive applications
  • Aerospace electronics
  • High powered radar
  • High powered communications equipment
  • Optical components
  • Motors & heaters
  • Energy generation
  • Flat panel displays
  • Hard disk drives
  • Medical devices
  • Laser equipment
  • Solar energy

With technology evolving, there is a greater requirement for smaller components to be protected from heat damage, this is a necessity; our innovative materials have a place wherever a thermal interface between a heated surface (such as a CPU, chip, other circuitry, power supply, etc.) and a thermal dissipation device (like a heat sink) is paramount.

More Information

If you would like further information on our super themal conductive sheets; the datasheet can be found here and information regarding testing can be found here. Otherwise please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd to see how we can assist you with your application. Contact Us.



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