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Speciality Thermal Compounds

Thermal compounds with enhanced flexibility, thermal conductivity and flow properties.

THERM-A-FORM thermally conductive compounds are dispensable form-in-place materials used for filling, potting, sealing and encapsulating applications in heat transfer solutions. With highlighted properties such as conformability and low modulus', THERM-A-FORM materials have an array of beneficial properties to optimise solutions.

Please consider the following for heat transfer applications:

THERM-A-FORM™ 1641, previously known as CHO-THERM 1641 - is a single-component, thermally conductive adhesive/sealant/potting compound which is also electrically insulating. THERM-A-FORM™ 1641 is silicone based, it vulcanises at room temperature, offers high thermal performance and a wide operating temperature range. Primer 1086 can be used in conjunction with THERM-A-FORM™ 1641 to improve adhesion.

THERM-A-FORM™ T642 is a two-part silicone encapsulant which provides high thermal performance with flexibility; THERM-A-FORM™ T642 is ideal for numerous component-level heat transfer applications. When Part A and B are combined they produce a flexible, low modulus rubber ideal for under filling. THERM-A-FORM™ T642 also has low outgassing properties.

THERM-A-FORM™ T644 is a two-part, soft thermal interface compound with a very low modulus designed to transfer heat away from delicate electronic components. THERM-A-FORM™ T644 also offers a long pot life at 20°C for 6 hours. THERM-A-FORM™ T644's low modulus allows it to coform to irregular shapes without excessive force on components.

THERM-A-FORM™ T647, a two-component that provides superior thermal performance, with a thermal conductivity of 3W/m-K, as well as good flowing properties. Even with it's superior thermal properties THERM-A-FORM T647 maintains a low modulus and its good flow means it can maintain intimate contact with components even those within complex geometries.

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