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Speciality Thermal Attach Tapes

The THERMATTACH series also includes speciality thermal attach tapes with features and qualities which tailor them for more select and demanding applications. 

For applications where factors such as outstanding adhesion and conformability, electrical isolation or even the ability to adhere to plastic encapsulated components are detrimental please consider the following materials:

THERMATTACH® T404 double-sided tape is composed of a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive containing aluminium oxide particles coated upon a 0.001 inch (0.025mm) thick thermally conductive polyimide film. THERMATTACH® T404's polyimide film not only provides good thermal performance but it also makes THERMATTACH® T404 an excellent electrical insulator. THERMATTACH® T404 is pliable and conformable, unlike rigid adhesives, decreasing the concerns regarding thermal strain/cracking/splitting of components in case of a coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch. THERMATTACH T404® can also be removed after application, for accessibility, diminishing repair and rework costs. There is also another version available known as THERMATTACH® T414 which has the same properties without the halogenated flame retardant feature.

THERMATTACH® T411 double-sided adhesive tape is designed to adhere strongly to plastic moulded IC packages, ball grid arrays and other plastic encapsulated components providing a bond between thermal interfaces and heat sinks. THERMATTACH® can also be considered as an alternative to clips, screws or other mechanical fasteners to attach components to vertical heat sinks or to metal chassis walls. THERMATTACH® T411 is composed of high bond strength pressure-sensitive adhesive and an expanded aluminium mesh carrier layer. THERMATTACH® T411 is able to conform to curved surfaces and still provide strong adherence for heat sinks due to it's expanded aluminium mesh carrier layer. THERMATTACH® T411 can even adhere to low energy surfaces such as silicone-contaminated plastics thanks to its high-performance silicone PSA. It is also worth noting that THERMATTACH® T411 has the widest operating temperature within the THERMATTACH® series, ranging from -50°C to 150°C.

THERMATTACH® T418 double-sided adhesive tape provides superior adhesive strength, good thermal performance and the best conformability within the entire THERMATTACH® series. THERMATTACH® T418 is composed of high bond strength pressure-sensitive adhesive and a fibreglass carrier layer; THERMATTACH® T418 provides the best conformability to components and adherence to heat sinks; unlike rigid adhesives where the risk of thermal expansion can result in strain/cracking/splitting of components. 

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