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Speciality Foam Absorbers

Salisbury Screen & Jaumann; Speciality Foam Absorbers

ARC provides dielectric foams for more strenuous applications such as the SS series (short for Salisbury Screen) and the Jaumann series.

The SS series is a thin, flexible lightweight foam absorber which can be resonant-tuned. The dielectric properties of this series can be precisely controlled in order to achieve maximum absorption at specific frequencies. The principle is based on the quarter wavelength absorption principle and ensures cancellation of the incident wave at the front of the absorber.

ARC’s Jaumann series provides exceptional chemical and weather resistance thanks to its cross-linked, closed-cell configuration. The Jaumann series is thin, lightweight and mutli-layered; it’s best suited for broadband absorption applications thanks to the gradient effect from the different amounts of carbon loading in each of the 3 layers. The Jaumann series can be die or laser cut to the desired sizes and is available in various thicknesses and material combinations to suit your specific requirements.

Tailored Solutions

For custom specifications and sizes or if you need help with your application please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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