Solder Paste

Loctite GC 50, GC 18 and GC 10 Solder Paste


Solder pastes are applied to surface mount boards (SMBs) before the pick and place process is done. The board then passes through an infra-red reflow machine, melting the solder and bonding the components to the board. This can include surface mount technology (SMT) and components such as resistors and LED's.

A range of solder pastes designed to be scalable and temperature stable offering excellent printability and reflow performance.


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Loctite GC 10 (Halogen Free, Lead Free, No Clean, Low Voiding Solder Paste)

Loctite GC 18 (Halogen Free, Lead Free, Low void solder paste)

Loctite GC 50 (Non-clump, no clean lead free solder paste)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which room or stable temperature solder paste would you recommend? 

Loctite GC10 is stable at 26.5°C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month, which provides benefits throughout the logistics and operations chain, from shipping/receiving to printing and reflow. The temperature stability of this no-clean material delivers exceptional performance attributes, such as 24-hour abandon times. Please see Henkel's information sheet for further benefits.

What alternative to room temperature solder paste do you supply? 

We provide Loctite Ablestik 56C & Cat 9 kit or Loctite Ablestik 57C.