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Solder Replacement

Uniquely stable flux chemistry delivers unprecedented performance and is the basis of the LOCTITE® Game Changer solder pastes.

HENKEL manufacture a range of solder pastes designed to be scalable and temperature stable offering excellent printability and reflow performance. Below are a few examples of the LOCTITE GC solder pastes that HITEK can supply:

LOCTITE GC 18 maintains stability for 6 months when stored at 26.5°C and for one month at temperatures up to 40°C. This material is designed to improve transfer efficiency for fine-pitch components and has good fluxing action on challenging surface finishes. As a result, the material also reduces void occurrences on BGAs, chip resistors (CRs), chip capacitors (CCs), SOICs, QFPs, and a full range of QFN packages. Sustainability is built into LOCTITE GC 18 as it facilitates the elimination of costly nitrogen reflow processes, reduces rework, lowers processing costs, and cuts PPM defects.

LOCTITE GC 50 is a temperature stable solder paste that is capable of jetting repeatable solder deposits down to 290 μm. The stability of LOCTITE GC 50 solder paste extends its lifetime inside the jetting platform’s ejector system at temperatures up to 28°C and allows for storage up to 12 months without impacting long-term reliability.

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