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Portable Shielded Enclosures

Superior shielding - portability - versatility.

V Technical Textiles manufacture portable shielding enclosures from their SHIELDEX® brand of metallized fabrics; creating an environment that is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Designed for applications that require an interference free environment for design verification, performance testing, pre-compliance tests, production line measurements and quality assurance tests. Furthermore, these shielded enclosures can also be used as a secure portable communications chamber. 

These self-contained enclosures are available in 5 different series - with each series providing a different level of shielding - depending on your specifications.

  • 9000 Series (Reverberation Chamber)
  • 8000T (Tactical) Series (Portable and Benchtop)
  • 8000 Series Enclosure
  • 7000 Series Enclosure 
  • 6000 Series Enclosure 

Additional products include: 

  • 8000 Series Curtains
  • Shielded Rack Cover

See the downloads section below for further Technical Information. 

Tailored Solutions

All enclosures come in a range of standard sizes; from 0.6mx1.2mx0.6m (LxWxH) to a 4.5mx6.0mx3.6m enclosure. Custom sizes are also available on request and can be manufactured per your specific requirements.

There is the option to change key features to obtain the optimum enclosure for your application. Enclosures are available with single, double, or triple layer construction to suit the demands of your use. The shielded bulkhead for electronic interconnects comes in fixed and removable forms. The bulkhead panel can be equipped to filter necessary feed through connections, such as: SMA, USB, RS232, D-Sub, Fiber Optic, Custom I/O configurations and Filtered Power Inputs.

Other optional features can be included, notably; Power Filter Boxes, Frequency Specific Notch Filters, Band Pass Filters, BNC or SMA Mounted Feed through Wireless Antennas, Shielded Ventilation Systems, Forced Air Fan Assemblies, Low-Wattage Lighting and Absorber Material.

The frame is designed with ease of assembly in mind and comes in three standard forms; an Aluminium Tube Frame, an EZ-Up Style and an Extruded Style.

Applications and Markets


  • Prototype testing
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Secure communications chamber
  • Large equipment & vehicle testing
  • Isolate sensitive and susceptible medical equipment
  • On-site testing - anywhere


  • Commercial & consumer electronics
  • Communications
  • Wireless equipment & systems
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Security
  • Law enforcement
  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive


RF enclosures have been used for testing in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific and Medical Diagnostics with recourse in Pre and In-Situ Compliance testing for EMC/EMI, RF transmitter and Wireless product testing.

These enclosures offer a very quick and cost-effective method of deploying a Faraday cage with a high degree of shielding effectiveness. Taking advantage of Statex’s range of conductive shielded fabrics (i.e. Nora Dell and Berlin) to provide superior shielding performance alongside its low-weight, flexible storage and portability features make it ideal for protecting a room/space from EMI interference and emissions.

More Information

If you would like further information on our shielded enclosures, please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd to find out how we can assist you with your application. Contact Us.



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