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Rust Remover

Corrosion recovery materials for a wide array of metals.

HITEK supplies products and techniques for the recovery of metals when they have corroded in storage or use. These products in keeping with CORTEC’s policy of producing environmentally friendly solutions for corrosion control mean that they are some of the most effective and safe products on the market today.

VpCI technology is effective on multiple metals meaning you only require a single range of product to fulfil your metal recovery needs.

Examples of rust removing products are:

VpCI 422 is an enhanced skin-safe, water-based rust remover. This mild but effective rust remover comes with the added benefit of the CORTEC vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology. It is also effective at removing the tarnish from other metals such as copper, brass, chrome and aluminium. VpCI 423 gel eco air is a gel version of VpCI 422.

VpCI 425 is a powder which, when added to water, can be used to remove light oxides and staining from metals such as copper, steel and aluminium. Aside from removing rust and scale VpCI 425 provides a good base for protective coatings. It has an almost neutral pH meaning it is quite safe to handle, use, store and has a longer equipment life. Typical applications include cleaning chemical manufacturing equipment which have inaccessible/hard to reach areas and surface complexities; i.e. blenders, reactors, cooling towers, heat exchangers and water pipes.  

VpCI 426 is a heavy-duty, water-based concentrate used to remove corrosion, scale and naturally occurring oxides from iron, carbon and stainless steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium. Whilst it removes rust and scale it also brightens aluminium and copper. VpCI 426 is user-friendly, non-toxic, nitrite-free and can be used also for household corrosion removal needs. VpCI 426 also comes in a gel form which is suitable for vertical and hard to treat surfaces and can be used in areas which are inaccessible for sandblasting or power tools.

VpCI 416 is an extremely effective alkaline cleaner/degreaser that is water diluteable and normally used for temporary corrosion protection and cleaning for metal parts. When diluted with 4 parts water to 1 part VCI 416 the corrosion protect lasts for up to 6 weeks indoors on bare metal parts.

VpCI 415 is a heavy-duty, biodegradable, water-based alkaline cleaner/degreaser which is approved for use on aircraft to Mil-PRF-87937C standards and several ASTM D specs similar to VCI 416.

CorrVerter is a water based rust converter for poorly prepared metal surfaces. Corrverter is an extremely good primer for metals. For more information on application please see: CorrVerter Application Guide.

CorWipe 500 heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser removes light rust and tarnish from tools and parts leaving a very thin film of protective VpCI on the surface providing temporary protection for up to 6 weeks. The wipe and film has antistatic properties and therefore can be used to clean electronic circuits and components. The patented CORTEC corrosion Inhibitors are effective on most metals. The wipe is skin safe.

VpCI 609 is a water-soluble ferrous metal protection powder that is 100% biodegradable, intended for Fe metals. VpCI 609 can be used as an additive in wet blasting applications giving immediate protection to the blasted surface. Protecting it temporarily, prior to further treatment or painting.

VpCI 432 and 433 is a liquid paint remover with added VpCI technology from CORTEC and VpCI 433 is the gel version of 432.

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