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Reticulated Foam

Reticulated, open-cell, carbon loaded foam

ARC Technologies RT series is a reticulated, open-cell, carbon loaded foam. The RT series offers precise control of the conductive gradient and exceptional broadband performance.  This reticulated polyurethane foam material is lightweight, flexible and is impregnated with carbon black dispersions. RT offers high levels of shielding between the frequency range of 500MHz to 40GHz.

RT comes in a flat-sheet or convoluted forms and is available in a variety of thickness which offers high levels of reflectivity over a 40 GHz to 500GHz frequency range. Thanks to its open-cell structure RT is excellent at permitting convective airflow. RT has uses ranging from shroud linings for low side-lobe reflector antennae, masking the reflectivity of structures such as masts (in anechoic chambers), camouflaging and interference suppression and also decoupling of adjacent antennae.

RT is easily cut to shape, is available with a conductive ground plane and can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy attachment to surfaces. The surfaces of RT can be treated to provide resistance against for outdoor applications and harsh environments. RT is halogen free, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Tailored Solutions

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