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Pair of square clip-on ferrite beads measuring 31.5mm x 32.5mm x 14mm, with one bead open

Square Clip-on Ferrite Box Quantities of 128 (31.5mm x 32.5mm x 14mm)


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Box Quantity: 128

Square Clip-on Ferrites are a cost effective way of providing a high level of EMI Shielding.

This easy to install solution to controlling radiated emissions is used mainly for Computers, keyboards and Printer cables as well as other devices.

Free Shipping on UK Orders Over £40

  • Outer Diameter (mm): 31.50±1.00
    Length (mm): 32.5±1.00
    Inner Diameter (mm): 14.00±1.00
    Impedance @ 25 MHz ±20% (Ohms): 137
    Impedance @ 100 MHz ±20% (Ohms): 268

  • Parker Chomerics: H8FE-1004-AS
    Parker Chomerics USA: 83-10-Y377-1000
    Steward: 28B2024-0A0
    Fairite: 0443164151