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Fabric evaluation kit containing swatches of EeonTex and Zebra conductive fabric

Fabric Evaluation Kit


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The Fabric Evaluation Kit contains two swatches of Zebra fabric and one swatch of EeonTex LTT-SLPA  fabric, ideal for prototype pressure sensor applications.


Zebra is a dual stretch fabric that is conformable, comfortable and tactile. It has conductive and non conductive stripes and can be manufactured to any width. It is also single piece construction, with no ridges and accurate repeatable dimensions.


EeonTex  LTT-SLPA is a conductive stretchable fabric made from nylon/elastan and coated with a conductive formulation.


Swatch size: 152.4mm x 152.4mm


EeonTex LTT SLPA Technical Datasheet

Zebra Technical Datasheet


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