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Corrosion Prevention for Packaging

CORTEC’s unique VpCI (Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology has extensive use in all forms of packaging, from the simple bagging of a component, to the packaging of a complete system.

Available in bulk form VpCI materials are particularly useful in packaging all forms of materials. Materials for packaging protection come in Paper/Cardboard and Plastics/Films forms.

All these products offer protection of both ferrous and not ferrous metals. They do not contain nitrites, chromates or heavy metals.


Protection against corrosion when packaging comes in a variety of VpCI coated papers and linerboards which provide protection to multiple metals; meaning that a surplus of corrosion and package contamination protection materials are not required for each individual metal.

These VpCI materials are manufactured from the highest quality neutral/natural kraft paper, are environmentally safe (fully recyclable and repulpable) and non-toxic. Cortec's VpCI paper product range provides an outstanding, easy to use, cost-effective alternative - instead of oil coatings or inferior VCI/VPI papers - for protecting dry or oiled metals during storage, transit and overseas shipping. VpCI paper can be used for single or bulk item packaging/shipments, original equipment manufactured and automotive part packaging and as sheet liners for product separation. Coatings for corrugated card and chipboards are also available, leaving a thin, non-penetrating coating that protects a multitude of metals.

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VpCI Films are a easy to use, high-performance and cost-effective approach to protecting a multitude of metal against corrosion and contamination. These materials come in a variety of forms; such as heat-sealable and zip-lock bags, shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap, flame-retardant versions and woven and non-woven versions. These plastic VpCI materials emit a self-replenishing vapour, covering all exposed metal surfaces, which provide protection regardless of humidity or temperature. VpCI films provide continuous protection, whether it's during storage, transit, moth-balling or work-in-progress applications; examples of uses include large equipment packaging for export shipping, stretch wrapping for steel coils, protection for highly sensitive electronic components, shrink wrapping of new vehicles and equipment and also uses in container linings. 

The sheet and bubble-wrap can be used along with the emitters to give storage solutions of up to five years. For the ultimate protection MilCorr allows high cost military systems to be stored for up to five years. For local protection and protection in transit for valuable items VpCI 126 Zip-Lock bags are available in a range of sizes.

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Tailored Solutions 

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